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Salary in London for experienced IT developer

17 Aug 2015 #1
Hallo guys!

Sorry this thread is not strictly about Poland, but I'm writing here because I live in Poland and I read a lot this forum, and I know that many british people write and read here ...

I want to ask you about the salary for a IT full stack delevoper with almost 10 years of experience (great knowledge of .NET, Angular, SQL Server, HTML5, CSS3, ... so allrounder in both backend and frontend).in London,

I read in many sites that easily the average gross/year is something like 45k-50k.
Is it an offer of 30k-35k "criminally" low and not worth to be negotiated? With this last salary I would get I guess 2k net/month and I think that's the monthly rent for an apartment living with my wife.

Is my job inflated and undervalued in London right now or is just headhunters try to go immediately extremely cheap?

Thanks in advance!
delphiandomine 88 | 18,454
17 Aug 2015 #2
You're being lowballed, very very badly. You should be looking at closer to 50k a year just because of the cost of living in London, which is astronomical - and your experience is certainly worth that much.
17 Aug 2015 #3
It is low. But I guess you're in Poland at the moment and some headhunter contacted you as they have been specifically briefed to look at candidates from Poland, abroad. If you want to achieve a local salary you need to be local or act as if you're local. Many companies won't want the hassle of dealing with a candidate from abroad as many drop out etc. What I mean by act local is put a London address on your CV and get a UK mobile phone. You'll then need to be prepared to go to interviews in London etc. If you don't want this hassle then you won't achieve the higher salaries. A headhunter works on a %, an places you directly with the client and it's mostly in their interests to get you a higher salary. Unless you're working directly for the agency on a contract.

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