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I'm from a small town in the UK and I think Poland is a nation of criminals

30 Jan 2013 #31
Greetings everyone, i'm from a small town in the UK and i have worked for HM Courts and Tribunal service for over 10 years now

Alex after it became obvious for everyone that you are the user previously known as hudsonhicks (who claimed to work as a web designer or so), aren't you ashamed of your action of pretending someone who you are not?
Portuguese_KRK - | 3
30 Jan 2013 #32
Some of you people need to familiarise yourselves with a concept called statistics.

Definition of statistic
a fact or piece of data obtained from a study of a large quantity of numerical data:
the statistics show that the crime rate has increased
an event or person regarded as no more than a piece of data (used to suggest an inappropriately impersonal approach):
he was just another statistic

Please provide a link to that study/large quantity of numerical data.

Thank you.
APF 4 | 106
30 Jan 2013 #33
I dont know exactly, how it is in Poland .. but more seirous criminals in Germany are in the most cases from Poland. The show "Aktenzeichen XY" is asking for help, they are searching with help of the Police after criminals .. everytime when there is a Jewellery robbery, kidnapping, bank robbery or luxury car stealing, Polish bandit groups are involved .. and of course the women are very into the illegal prostitution ..

That dont means, that the whole nation is full of criminals and ****** .. but stereotypes dont come from nothing .. the "Polenschl├╝ssel" ("Polishkey", a key where you can open cars with .. real name KFZ - Kraftschl├╝ssel) has not the name, because Poles show themselves from a good side here ..
Radders 3 | 47
30 Jan 2013 #34
This may help - official Home Office conviction data as reported to UK Parliament.

Taking the 2010 figures, some 600,000 Poles committed 8,000 offences (1.3%). Lithuanians - 97,000 in UK 4,700 offences (4.8%), Irish 407,000 in UK 4,200 offences (1%) Romanians 80,000 in UK 4,500 offences (5.6%)

See my previous threads for stats of numbers of EU nationals in the UK.

So, Poles are about as criminal as the Irish and substantially less so than either Lithuanians or Romanians. And as I've never heard anyone whine about how the Irish are filling our prisons etc I suspect that the native UK crime rate is about the same.

Don't forget that it's frequently young men who come to work in the UK - the peak risk age for criminal conviction in any society.

Ahem. And we don't put drunk cyclists in jail - unlike the 4,000-odd doing time in Poland ;)
APF 4 | 106
30 Jan 2013 #35
Help for what?? That Poles are good criminals and dont get busted??
30 Jan 2013 #36
Guy the OP is a guy who previously posted as hudsonhicks, he doesn't work in courts! Why do you fall for that scheme?
Peakus - | 25
31 Jan 2013 #37
Thats just propaganda. Last week a boy was assaulted here by 3 older man 2 held him downwhile the 3rd sodomised him and assaulted him. Another was approached in the street and flammable liquid was thrown on him and he was set alight. He is 14. This sort of crime happens here all the time it only ever gets out when the media gets their hands on it. When you tell people they dont believe. After it happens to them only then they believe. Meanwhile people on forums tell me its not true and at the same time I can see it on telly. Propaganda to gain tourist dollar. Utter rubbish. The crimes mentioned here are petty. Those who dont get it are the next vicims. If the poles are crims than I say come here they will show you real crime.

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