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My package from Poland to the UK will not pick up anything! PLEASE HELP!

8 Aug 2017 #1
Hi there,

My names Fes and I bought something from Amazon but it was from a 3rd party seller from Poland. On Monday the 31st July 2017 it said it had been shipped off and 3-5 days delivery. Then when I didn't receive anything, on Friday the 4th August 2017 I received a "tracking number" for the Poland Post Office. But now it is the 8th August 2017 and tracking is STILL not working. It says this no matter where i input the tracking number: PENDING Please try again later, we are awaiting tracking info from the carrier."??!?!? Please help me and tell me I will get my package since it has been nearly a week and a half! It's driving me nuts!!!

Kind Regards

Chemikiem 6 | 2,117
10 Aug 2017 #2
Can't help concerning the tracking of the parcel, but I wouldn't panic yet. I also ordered something to be delivered from Poland on 31st July, and it only arrived this afternoon. I've found that parcels can take anywhere between a few days and a couple of weeks to turn up.
OP Fes
19 Aug 2017 #3
Thank you for replying back. Hm, well the tracking is just f#cking weird and annoying me! On amazon "track package" it says delivery 18th aug but it's the 19th today 01:37 so will see if anything comes today but I have a feeling it won't :(. Since after I received the "tracking" it has been now 15 days but if I count when it said "shipped" before I received the tracking it will be 19 days omg :/. With Poland post, when it arrives to the UK do they 1) deliver on a saturday? And 2) what courier will it be with when it reaches UK? Do you know?

Thanks in advance!
OP Fes
19 Aug 2017 #4
Now the date has changed to the 23rd Aug! Omg!
Chemikiem 6 | 2,117
19 Aug 2017 #5
deliver on a saturday?

Not sure if it would be delivered on a saturday if it's actually been sent with a courier and not just arriving via Royal Mail. No idea who it would be sent with, although my parcel from Poland was delivered by Parcel Force. I didn't get any form of tracking but I order regularly from the company and their parcels always turn up. I still wouldn't panic yet, it may well turn up next week. Just seen your new message, you'll have to wait a bit longer then!
OP Fes
26 Aug 2017 #6
I see. Well it didn't turn up on the 23rd either and the tracking on my Amazon (because the actual tracking number the dude gave doesn't work) still says "estimated delivery date 23rd" now and doesn't change. The dude wait until the end of the week and still didn't come so we contacted Amazon and they escalated the claim. What I don't get is the tracking number he gave doesn't work and still says "awaiting courier information" or something like this when clearly it kept moving. And why the estimated date kept changing and now stuck on the 23rd, this is just ridiculous! Made me wait nearly a month when I should have just got it from somewhere else! That's the first and last time I trust a new buyer. Thought I would give him a chance and it turned out like this.

16 May 2018 #7
Hi there,
I am new to shipping from Poland....I ordered from a website called Big Gate Pharmacy. Money left my account on 23rd April 2018 I got a message that it had shipped on 2nd May and should be 4 to 7 days before I get it. It is now 16th May 2018 abs I have sent about 15 emails which no one is responding to. Have I been ripped off? How long does a package normally take from Poland to uk and has anyone heard of this website as I can't find any reviews or information...please help..I am £60 down with this purchase

Any help greatly appreciated
Atch 17 | 3,157
16 May 2018 #8
A few people already answered you query on another thread a couple of days ago.

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