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Are the Irish welcome in Poland?

Mackin 2 | 1
5 Jun 2012 #1
I'm applying to the University of Silesia to do my second year in English there and I was wondering will I get any abuse for being a foriegner? I have only started learning Polish so I won't know much Polish by then. I know it depends on the place and time and who I will encounter but is it likely that I could get attacked by Anti-Irish thugs or just people who hate foriegners in Poland?
4 eigner 2 | 831
5 Jun 2012 #2
Are the Irish welcome in Poland?

Why would you even worry about it? Go and do what you gotta do and don't worry about the rest.
PennBoy 76 | 2,436
5 Jun 2012 #3
Are the Irish welcome in Poland?

Why wouldn't they be?
sielakos - | 27
5 Jun 2012 #4
I don't think there are any "Anti-Irish thugs" and even if there are some there is really noway to tell who you are just by the look.

Anyway there is no need for you to worry. Well there are thugs in Poland like in every country, but not really any anti-Irish .
I didn't get attacked in my whole live, so i guess Poland is quite safe country.

edit: But all that depends where and when you go. If you go in middle of night to not really nice place then sorry you are on your own.

Lucky there not many places like that and it's easy to tell.
milky 13 | 1,657
5 Jun 2012 #5
You'll be fine , I got attacked in England a few times for being Irish, but Poland no.
mactifosi 1 | 11
5 Jun 2012 #7
There is no need to worry lol

There are a few Irish guys in Slask, who love it there.
Have Polish friends myself in Slask and always have great craic with them.

You'll be grand.
PennBoy 76 | 2,436
5 Jun 2012 #8
Hopefully you'll be greeted by these guys

MoOli 9 | 480
5 Jun 2012 #9
I was wondering will I get any abuse for being a foriegner?

lol! just dont wear green pants:))
OP Mackin 2 | 1
5 Jun 2012 #10
Thanks guys. I guess i'm just a little nervous as I don't know how the Polish see the Irish but i'm sure i'll be fine when I get settled in.
wersy - | 6
5 Jun 2012 #11
Everone loves the Irish!
nynicki - | 31
5 Jun 2012 #12
Judging by the reception you team has received from Gdynia residents,you should feel like home,btw good luck.,255987,s.html

Above video is in Polish but you can see how many people came to support the Irish team.
irishguy11 6 | 157
5 Jun 2012 #13
It was a great welcome, 15000 people turned up for the open training today.

On a bad note, I think the town will see more stag parties because of the cheerleaders.
PennBoy 76 | 2,436
7 Jun 2012 #14
It was a great welcome, 15000 people turned up for the open training today.

irishlodz 1 | 135
7 Jun 2012 #15
jesus man relax. Stop buying the Sun and when you get here you'll realise that Poland is a lot more open and cosmopolitan than the English press make out. Most uni students speak brilliant English. The language will not be a barrier in most instances.
Mia - | 4
21 Jun 2012 #16
after Euro '12 everyone loves Irish people in Poland:)
milky 13 | 1,657
21 Jun 2012 #17
Yes, this is true to an extent,but hardly "everyone". The Irish jocks are getting some good press at the moment, because they proved themselves not to be a bunch of nationalistic sore loser, like some fans have behaved in the past.
martins35 - | 2
21 Jun 2012 #18
You'll never beat the Irish...........LOL EVERYBODY BEATS THE IRISH
milky 13 | 1,657
21 Jun 2012 #19

yea it was strange chorus, but then again football songs are the love child of a jock and a boyband.
PennBoy 76 | 2,436
21 Jun 2012 #20
The Irish were very fond of one Polish female police officer, can't blame them.
magowski1974 - | 1
21 Jun 2012 #21
Ask Irish who had been in Poznan on EURO 2012 ;)

Every Irish said that polish people are very friendly...
RevokeNice 15 | 1,859
21 Jun 2012 #22
Sh$lbourne FC Vs Shamrock Rovers for me tonight.

Expect 3,000 brave souls to venture out to Tolka to join me.

The best fans in the world will be back on their barstools, recuperating for the next major tournament we qualify for....
primaverka84 - | 5
21 Jun 2012 #23
I would suggest u ( n to all visitors of PF) to read opinions of Irish ppl that came to Poland for Euro `12 n posted about their impression on this site

So many positive opinions there :)
RevokeNice 15 | 1,859
22 Jun 2012 #24
Maybe we should encourage the ones on the dole to remain in Poland. ;)

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