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I'm so confused where to settle down - UK or Poland? Advice please.

Jane D 1 | 9
23 Dec 2017 #1
Hi guys,

I need some advice please.I'm 36 years old Polish lady living in UK since 10 years.I like life in Uk but I love Poland too.I'm so confused where to settle down,somehow it might be easier for me as I'm single and I have no kids so no baggage.I like UK because I feel quite comfortable with my job,love English way of being and life is just more easy.On the other hand I love Poland as it's my homeland,I think it's much more healthier country then Uk.I know it's me who have to make decision as it's my life.Thx for your help:)
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,846
23 Dec 2017 #2
Quite a few people from the anglo countries like us canada uk have started moving to poland. Most are people with polish roots but there is a large amount of europeans seeking work and a new life in poland. In wroclaw there is a growing number of retirees from eu like france germany as well as corporate workers from spain italy portugal n also a growing amount of people from india and pakistan moving for education and it jobs
terri 1 | 1,664
24 Dec 2017 #3
To me, it all depends on the job and security you have in the U.K. If you have transferable skills and can get a job in Poland which would afford you similar lifestyle - then move to Poland.

But remember, sentiment will not put food on the table or pay your bills and living on 3K gross per month is no joke.
OP Jane D 1 | 9
25 Dec 2017 #4
Thx guys.I really appreciate your respond :)
Crnogorac3 2 | 704
25 Dec 2017 #5
I love Poland as it's my homeland

In times like these I often remember a nostalgic patriotic song "Stay Here" full of patriotic pride and longing for homeland by Aleksa Šantić a Serbian poet.


Ostajte ovdje!... Sunce tuđeg neba
Neće vas grijat k'o što ovo grije;
Grki su tamo zalogaji hljeba
Gdje svoga nema i gdje brata nije.



Stay here! ... The sun of strangers' sky
Won't warm you like this one does
Bitter are the bites of bread over there
Where there's no one close and no brother.
jon357 71 | 20,031
26 Dec 2017 #6


They're 2 and a half hours apart on Ryanair - the world is getting smaller all the time, and yes, you really can have the best of both worlds.

If you're happy where you are, stay, if you want to return to PL, reflect on your next visit if it's where you want to be. The longer you stay away, the harder it is to return.

Of course there's always a third possibility if it's within your reach - another country, neither Britain nor Poland...
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,846
26 Dec 2017 #7

To me it came down to a choice between being with my extended family and my motherland or continuing my career in the US and all the nuances it came with - some good, some bad. I could never feel a connection with any land as I feel with Poland. I was born there, speak the language, and the majority of my family remains in the country with a few migrating to US, UK, Germany, Russia, etc. for work or school. At first, I thought I'd be giving up a good salary at a western company for a simpler, but more healthy and traditional lifestyle. Poland is far more conservative and religious than the US which in my young age I cared little for but now it means a lot to me especially as I am planning to start my own family soon. I'm gradually making the move to living primarily in Poland but am putting my ducks in order so I can maintain a decent income in PL as although costs for things like food and housing are a bit cheaper, many things are still pricey. If you want a half decent town home in Wroclaw you're going to pay at least 500k zloty plus. The cheapest ive seen were 400k and that's still a lot of money for an average pole. Personally, if you have the savings or the ability to make half decent money in PL whether through investments, working at a western corp that gives you a high salary, savings, etc. then yes Poland is great - especially if you're not really tied down or want to retire. But for a married couple with kids to just move with little knowledge of the language, little savings, and average job prospects I'd advise against such a move. Ultimately it's your decision though.
Crow 160 | 10,261
27 Dec 2017 #8
If you are sane, it must be clear to you that Poland represent better choice. What you want in UK to happen to you? Just say. Flood? Idiotism? Civil War? Mujaheedines? Separatism? Famine? Rape? Mental sickens? Russians?
Joker 3 | 2,823
27 Dec 2017 #9
it must be clear to you that Poland represent better choice.

Its much safer than the rest of the EU as we see it having many internal issues.

What you want in UK to happen to you? Just say. Flood? Civil War? Mujaheedines? Separatism? Famine? Rape? Mental sickens? Russians?

You forgot to mention the invasion of Londonistan....
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,846
27 Dec 2017 #10

United Kaliphate indeed...
RubasznyRumcajs 5 | 492
27 Dec 2017 #11
Mujaheedines? Separatism? Famine? Rape? Mental sickens? Russians?

United Kaliphate indeed...

someone has forgotten to take his pills today...

on more serious note- depends where do you feel at home. Poland of today isn't the same as Poland 10 years ago (which can be said about UK and other countries as well). Don't forget about the job- as it was written before, you have to put a food on your plate. Costs of living are slightly lower in the PL than in the UK, wages for most people are considerably lower in PL. UK is a quite safe providing you don't live in the big cities (London, Birmingham, Glasgow, Liverpool etc)- but every large city has areas where you wouldn't really be at after the sunset.
DominicB - | 2,709
27 Dec 2017 #12
Costs of living are slightly lower in the PL than in the UK, wages for most people are considerably lower in PL.

Which leads to the one number that will decide the matter for you: how much money can you stash away in your savings or retirement account at the end of the month. In practically all cases, the amount is going to be several times higher in the UK than in Poland. That's usually a deal killer.

The only exception is if you get a job with a British company that does business in Poland, and request a transfer to Poland at British wages. This is easiest if you have a good track record in B2B sales with management experience, or if you have senior high-level management, administration or technical specialist experience.
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,846
27 Dec 2017 #13
At least in Poland you will not be 'culturally enriched' by any migrants as thousands of women have been in Germany, Sweden, France, etc.
terri 1 | 1,664
28 Dec 2017 #14
If the poster has lived in the UK for the last 10 years, I am sure that she has come into contact with all sectors of the community. Maybe that is the reason for wanting a change. The problem as I see it, is that the poster wants to have the same standard of living, but actually live in Poland. No can do.

The problem with advice - is that nobody wants to hear it, they have already made their mind up, and, most importantly what happens if it does not work out they just want someone else to blame.

I've said it before: sentiment does not put food on the table or pay your bills. You have to see how much you can earn, what that will buy and see if you can accept that.
OP Jane D 1 | 9
28 Dec 2017 #15
To be honest money and high or low standard is not an issue for me.I know how to save money and how to spend them in sensible way too;) I'm not blaming others and I like hearing others advices and I think you guys did great job.

I'm here as I'm just ....lost and need honest opinion;)
jon357 71 | 20,031
28 Dec 2017 #16
To be honest money and high or low standard is not an issue for me

Follow your heart, move where you feel most comfortable, and don't get too stressed if you change your mind as time goes on!
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,846
28 Dec 2017 #17
Terri id say its possible to have the same standard of living, perhaps even higher in poland than us/uk/canada etc. A person most likely wont make the same salary as in the west but if they have a decent bit of savings, know how to invest or trade, etc they can live just as good if not a better life in pl as real estate and taxes tend to be far cheaper
terri 1 | 1,664
28 Dec 2017 #18
I agree that it is possible. However, you need a good job to keep you going. Unless you have enough to buy yourself a flat/apartment or a house, you will struggle with paying the mortgage, the bills and with everyday living. Unless of course, you can rely on your family giving you a helping hand.

As for real estate or flats or apartments or houses - the prices, when compared to the UK are higher than in the UK. You get less in Poland than you would in the UK.
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,846
29 Dec 2017 #19
Exactly. If you cam buy a condo or house without a mortgage or a very small one, youll be fine. Otherwise youll struggle as even an 8k 10k z salary after taxes zus n all that is taken out youre left with around $1500.

Nice flats tend to start at 7k 8k zs plus a m2

Only good thing is property taxes are super low
David555 1 | 19
1 Feb 2018 #20
You're 36 you have no family of your own.
The options are

1. Stay in England or the UK if you like, and keep working paying taxes enjoy beer and fun with males sometimes,
As you will get older you won't have so many friends anymore and time you will spend working or staying at home.
When you get really old and sick and you won't be able to work anymore you will be advice by SS to go back to Poland

If you keep staying here and you will be sick and you own property it will be taken of you and you will be placed in dirty council care home and maybe even sexually abused.

2. Go back to Poland even you're 36 you may still have future there make your own home maybe even meet someone who will genuinely want you not for a night but more, you will have your relatives near you, and no SS will take your own home of you and put you forcefully in care home.
terri 1 | 1,664
3 Feb 2018 #21
No matter where you live, you have to have a job to pay the bills, pay for food, clothes or even entertainment. If your job provides this, it really does not matter where you live.

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