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Are Polish people moving back home from the UK?

Mister H 11 | 761
19 Jun 2010 #31
And so you'll also know that this includes every other accesion state, its not just a Polish thing

It's not just a Polish thing, but as there are more of them than there are of the others, it's mainly a Polish thing.

Tell me how does a normal hard working polish guy run away from a bank system that cooperate inside europe?

I don't now and have never worked in McDonalds.

Banks do not "co-operate inside Europe". If someone leaves the UK owing money, the bank aren't going to go running after them unless they owe enough to make it worth their while.

The most they could probably do is sell the debt to a Polish debt collector, but that would depend on whether or not they knew where the debtor had run off too. Often they just disappear to another part of the UK.

A lot of foreigners (including the Polish) come to the UK to rip us off. And the stupid thing is, is that we let them do it.

I've spoken to way too many Polish people that owe £1000s on credit cards, loans and overdrafts many don't care. As long as there is enough left on their limit for an Easyjet flight away from it all, they don't bother themselves too much with it. Most pretend that they don't speak English or that say that he/she has gone back to Poland and left their phone behind and they're not the person we're looking for.

Most can max a credit card out in six weeks and they all know exactly what they are doing.
Lolek2 - | 4
29 Jul 2014 #32
Merged: Can Polish people go back to Poland ?

As can be seen many Poles do not have anthing to go back to. What would have to happen in Poland to make their return possible?

What impact would that make on economies of the respective countries?
InWroclaw 89 | 1,911
29 Jul 2014 #33
Well, funnily enough over the past few weeks I've met a cluster of Polish people who have returned from the UK (categories of IT, blue collar, self-employed). I was extremely surprised at the IT person returning as they were earning stunning cash developing programs. Of course, these people were not great in number, but it may be the start of a trend. Certainly here in Wro they are building building building flats everywhere I seem to go, suggesting there's some expectation of quite an influx. They're building apartments and also a noticeable number of office buildings with units to rent right across Wro. They must be expecting quite a few returners or other townsfolk to be heading to the big city for work.

Some would argue that a return is already possible as many of these people earned large sums abroad.
Some people tell me wages are already rising, which would be another thing needed perhaps (I have only seen rises in certain specialist sectors, however, and often it's non-Poles who are the ones who get these jobs).

As for the impact on other countries, perhaps negligible as there always seems to be someone else willing to take up any slack.

This is a pure anecdote and I can't be sure it's correct, but someone told me this evening they lost their job in broadcast media or rather they gave it up as the money was too low and became a worker in a totally different field. Their job is now done by several very low paid trainees. This was quite specialist work. I cannot check it's 100% true, but if it is then it makes me wonder if the Oxford University report saying 47pc of jobs will go to automation is nearer than we think.
Wroclaw Boy
30 Jul 2014 #34
Oxford University report saying 47pc of jobs will go to automation

Ephemeralization or 'mores law'

a term coined by R. Buckminster Fuller, is the ability of technological advancement to do "more and more with less and less until eventually you can do everything with nothing". Fuller's vision was that ephemeralization will result in ever-increasing standards of living for an ever-growing population despite finite resources.

Technological unemployment is the great big white elephant in the room, will be interesting to see how it plays out over the next few decades.
ahmh - | 1
27 Jun 2016 #35
immigration matters

From what i can see discussions, and topic, are polish people going back home, first, ask a question why are the poles, their presence felt, by the english, surely they must have got on their way, and number of polish immigrants, including other eastern, europeans, the only way english people could resort is using their vote, look, forget estimation, statistics produce every number of each country here in GB, I have seen from other post, the polish, saying, what about other immigrants, polish work hard others scrounge benefits. the question is on eastern european, not others, why, because, others come on a visa, and processed and controlled, you do not, that is why your number is too high, poland does not want to share burden of syrian refugees with in EU,

and millions of pounds transferred to poland, each day to build and invest your homes, when it comes to benefits, UK, is paying child benefit and child tax credit to your children in poland, why, because, this one pays more and exchange rate, enjoy while at home, the british man found so hard find a job, they where all full, with low wages, and agencies manipulate that, Ask your selves poles, are you for good or bad, to the people who can vote against you. and what you have told them is that, I keep mine to me alone, and I share with you, your one, it does not make sense,

Do not mention, or claim, racism, we saw you, in 30,000 stadium, in your country chanting slogans about players,

about nigerian fraudesters you mention, bulgarian and hangerian are ripping and hacking african commertials.

The pest is you build your country and economy and come to the standard of west, best of luck,
dolnoslask 6 | 2,946
27 Jun 2016 #36
We have and we will continue to build, have you ever visited Poland? you may be amazed at the progress.
Lyzko 45 | 9,260
27 Jun 2016 #37
I maintain that "Brexit", not as yet a fait accompli, is simply a delayed reaction to the "Cool Britannia" of Tony Blair's legacy.

Guess what, friends! Brits of the younger generation, let alone pensioners of the War Generation (not to mention the average Englishman living in Essex and other ethnically homogeneous shires), don't want a "cool" Britania and are basically pleased as Christmas Punch that there are no longer colonies, so that Britain can at last take care of her own surplus at home and stop being badgered by Belgian "bullyboys" in Bruxelles.

Sorry to be so blunt here on PF, but it's the sad truth!
Dougpol1 31 | 2,640
28 Jun 2016 #38
we will continue to build, have you ever visited Poland? you may be amazed at the progress.

Yes Dolno - and we all know where that progress came from:

1. EU grants

2. Overseas/offshore earnings.

Membership of the EU made all that possible, and Poles would do well to remember that. Without it, you would be stuck back where the England football team is tonight:))

In the S***.
dolnoslask 6 | 2,946
28 Jun 2016 #39
"Yes Dolno - and we all know where that progress came from: EU grants"

Yes you are right Doug, but While Germany and Japan benefited from the marshal plan and emerged the strong economies that they are today, Poland paid the price when it was sold into Soviet slavery at Yalta.
Dougpol1 31 | 2,640
28 Jun 2016 #40
Poland paid the price when it was sold into Soviet slavery at Yalta

Yes. By stalin and Roosevelt......

And Poland was offered the Marshall Plan, as you know - but the Soviets put paid to that.
dolnoslask 6 | 2,946
28 Jun 2016 #41
"Poland was offered the Marshall Plan, as you know - but the Soviets put paid to that."

Sadly so Doug, the EU emerged to promote peace and unity between nations even if it involved costs in raising peoples standards of living in far flung ex soviet nations, I am so sad today with what is going on , I think i am slipping off topic I am tired and going to bed, hope I wake up and hear some better news, thanks for the chat.
28 Jun 2016 #42
Somalians cannot leave here (unfortunately) due to claiming asylum so we are stuck with them. Mostly they are cab drivers and their wives sit at home breeding.

Nigerians do run scams, some of them but then a lot are doctors, nurses, lawyers or care workers ect its just you are ignorant and never met any, also the lower level Nigerians will clean toilets (something which the eastern euros used to do)

People have issues with polish or other eastern europeans due to firstly your racism, why do you think because you are white you are some how a "better" immigrant? you dont eat roast dinners on sundays or drink tea at breakfast. Its not your culture, youre not our culture anymore than a coloured person from abroad is.

Get that through your head firstly.

Secondly you take jobs british DO want, like customer service, admin, reception, building work, painting ect.
These are all jobs which some brit could have but you have taken it.
You do use the NHS and take up school placements.
Wages have gotten lower since you have been here, I am old enough to remember and houses have risen due to more demand.

As someone else pointed out you take money from here and send it back to your country.

Many of you work cash in hand and pay no taxes like the builders and the strippers.

YES even strippers are complaining about eastern european girls who will get fingered and touched for £20 when the british girls actually have some class and do not just dance.

Plus the fact Turkey are joining EU soon and they are even worse than you! We have enough of them in haringey already.

That is why I personally and EVERYONE i know, family members ect voted BREXIT
and yes we all work minus my aunty and her dad. The rest of us do and in good jobs.

Some of you need to get over yourselves seriously. The reason people are attacking you is because you come across as arseholes.
5 Nov 2016 #43
Merged: When will the Polish people go back home

When will the Polish people be leaving UK. When will they understand that we do not want them here. We do not want their cheap labour, their failure to integrate and their noise and nuisance they cause in every town up and down the country. The Polish people have to be by far the worst we have ever had in this country and the sooner you leave the better!
dolnoslask 6 | 2,946
5 Nov 2016 #44
"sooner you leave the better!"

Maybe they will, but while there is shed loads of cash to make in the UK , most will stay and make the most of the generous welfare, healthcare and excellent education facilities, thanks for the opportunity Rob , there's a reason why people are camped out in Calais trying to get to the UK.

Me personally, I have moved back to Poland from the UK after having made enough cash for a comfortable retirement, I paid my taxes of course, in the same way Poles are paying tax while the UK, Happy days, stop moaning you might but a blood vessel.

We don't care about what you think Rob , just enjoy watching our success, you never know a Pole might be your next boss.
Crow 155 | 9,030
5 Nov 2016 #45
Time for sharia law have arrived on British islands. Time for Poles to go out of Britain.
dolnoslask 6 | 2,946
5 Nov 2016 #46
sharia law have arrived on British islands.

I would agree Crow, that would be time to leave and count the winnings, the good news is that when the Poles choose to the leave the UK there is a safe free Poland for them to return to, sadly the British people will have nowhere to go if things get worse, especially after Brexit, no one would give them a visa to move somewhere safe in Europe.
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,861
5 Nov 2016 #47
no one would give them a visa to move somewhere safe in Europe.

unless they are one of the 25 per cent who are entitled to an Irish passport....:)
dolnoslask 6 | 2,946
5 Nov 2016 #48
25 per cent who are entitled to an Irish passport

God bless the Irish a smart hard working bunch, maybe we could have Pol/Irish meet up after the races at Waterford and discuss the good old days when we worked and lived in the UK, (Over a few pints of Guinness of course).
peter_olsztyn 6 | 1,098
6 Nov 2016 #49
When will the Polish people be leaving UK.

Hard to say. Some leave when pound dive more to 1:4, some when they will fed up with low housing standards, dangerous streets, rain and mould. Many people have no choice. They sold their properties in Poland. Kids are in school. They know only English language and they are too old to learn another one. Of course it is much better to work in Germany because of distance, LHD cars, driving on the right side but there is small problem. Germans as well as French don't want to speak English. Norway is a small country with small market and Netherlands is dominated by Polish employment agency gangs.

When will they understand that we do not want them here.

They understand it very clear but they have no choice.
Marsupial - | 881
6 Nov 2016 #50
When article 50 is triggered plenty will leave. For example there is a lot of uneducated who do jobs on farms and stuff. The jobs which continually we are being told in 100 you tube vids the brits don't want and could not fill. Since the uk farming industry especially in so many places is only going on due to eu subsidies this will contract and nullify some of these jobs. Further to that more contraction will take place due to these unskilled labour spots being unfilled. Between the uncompetitive deal uk will get and these other problems I expect for some of these people just to throw in the towel and get out of the industry. So theres a few thousand Polish people who will give up. I thought I would start at the bottom rung and leave some for later. Wales comes mind as getting it in the neck badly in that example for a start but I think as a region they voted out so maybe they have another plan like for example getting the pound on par with the us dollar and becoming more competitive. I started there because it s obviously a lot closer to the type of employment a lot of brexiters are qualified for as demonstrated by our visiter to the forum a few posts up.
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,861
6 Nov 2016 #51
I started there because it s obviously a lot closer to the type of employment a lot of brexiters are qualified for as demonstrated by our visiter to the forum a few posts up.

Marsupial the people I know that voted Brexit are smart, educated, multi lingual and qualified up to PhD level. Stop the lazy stereotyping please.
cms 9 | 1,255
7 Nov 2016 #52
that is anecdotal Roz - the overwhelming trend is that education was closely correlated with voting preferences and that a large portion of that 17m came from people with less education. They were most susceptible to the divisive and simplistic solutions proposed by Brexit. It did have a lot of better educated supporters but they have been much quieter now that the complications and compromises required are more apparant.
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,861
7 Nov 2016 #53
cms if you could link to a study that backs that up, that would be good.
In the meantime anecdote is better than sweeping generalisations.
cms 9 | 1,255
7 Nov 2016 #54
Sure - a google search on "education level of brexit voters' gives many hits and articles from left wing and right wing and think tanks - you could get that evidence literally in 3 minutes

here is an article from the pro-Brexit but normally reliable telegraph. Sample statistic - of 35 areas where 50% plus of voters had a degree then only 3 voted for Brexit. There are maps, correlations, graphs - everything you could need to support the fact that Brexit's core support comes from the lower educated.
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,861
7 Nov 2016 #55
Yes but that is from the Daily Telegraph so will have its own agenda
cms 9 | 1,255
7 Nov 2016 #56
yes - it is a pro Brexit newspaper and the Conservative's preferred paper among the broadsheets - which is why I suggested it.

There are plenty of other such studies which you can browse at your leisure. Or you could take a look at a few simple maps e.g. Cambridgeshire and Oxfordshire voting leave but with some strange very strong "remain" dots in the middle of them - home to some of those experts that Brits had enough of.
Marsupial - | 881
7 Nov 2016 #57
No sorry the vast majority of brexit voters were bafoons. A lot were unemployed. Also anarchists right wing extremists and some people who wasted oxygem buying a diploma of some type. I do not believe you know anyone educated rozumniec don't waste your your time on me.
Atch 23 | 4,030
7 Nov 2016 #58

Buffoons, buffoons my love, or maybe you meant baboons? :))
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,861
7 Nov 2016 #59
I do not believe you know anyone educated rozumniec don't waste your your time on me.

excuse me?
I am a university graduate with a post graduate teaching certificate. Most of my friends and relatives have also been to university.
My father was a university lecturer with two doctorates and my mother was a graduate schoolteacher.
dont be so rude.
Ziemowit 14 | 4,278
7 Nov 2016 #60
that is from the Daily Telegraph so will have its own agenda

I think we should look at Brexit through its most archetypal message and that message was precisely: "There are too many of us on our small island". You may divagate ad infinitum if the Brexit result could be attributed to the elder or to the less educated or to anyone else, but it was the question of immigration, not the EU, which turned out to be predominant in that referendum. People feel that this small island of theirs has too few resources to feed (in a broad sense) the increasing number of newcomers. A self-regulating mechanism has been switched on and such mechanisms are visible across the nature all the time.

In a way England (and I am saying 'England', not 'Britain') has become the victim of its own success: the empire had once grown too big, the language has become too much overspread across the planet, the industrial revolution was too industrious. As a result, too many people now want to settle on the island, so a way to repel them fom doing so had to be invented. That way was Brexit even if it formally had nothing to do with the immigration.

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