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Why are Polish people, especially women, so disrespectful toward the English?

Steveramsfan 2 | 306
5 Dec 2011 #91
Because the as you call "scum" are citizens and it's not easy for them to compete with immigrants undercutting wages.It's simple it's not rocket science.

You got the whole situation upside down.

The jobs were vacant because the British would not do the jobs, because as you said its better to sit on the dole and be given money than have to work for it.

The Immigrants took the jobs for the money offered to them, the same as what the British were offered but decided to sit at home taking the dole instead.

But now, there is a financial crisis, benefits will be cut and there are now jobs for you now becasue they are filled by immigrants who would rather work for the same money as the dole.

No Sympathy for anyone who thinks its better to get money for free rather than working.
Wedle 16 | 496
5 Dec 2011 #92
grubas, I would clean the streets to put food on my family's table, I am not too proud to do any job for what the market rate is. Your attitude is so selfish, you should NOT be allowed to bring children into this world.I can 100% understand any Polish person or anyone being disrespectful to the English under class.

Working is not breaking your neck, it is what is expected of you, in oder for you to pay your own way rather than be a parasite.

And?Guess what,sooner or later every single one of us including yourself will become worm's food so get off your high horse.

When the man above decides it is my time, I will pay for my own burial NOT have a paupers grave,

grubas your whole way of being, reflects what is wrong with todays world. Your parents should be ashamed of you.

No Sympathy for anyone who thinks its better to get money for free rather than working.

Bang on agreed 100%.
5 Dec 2011 #93
I think that we have to bear in mind that most of the Poles who are residing in the UK are not particularly representive of Poland or the Poles as a whole.

There are many problems associated with being an expatriate worker, excess alcohol, marriage break ups, difficulty in finding friends of a similar background, difficulty in integrating. I believe that similar problems were suffered by expatriate Britsh workers in places like Saudi and Germany back in the 1980's, they must have seemed really dire to the average Arab or German. Just treat every one with initial respect and if they are bad to you, stuff them, they aren't worth any attention, be on your guard if you have to deal with them on a regular basis.There are plenty of good Poles.

The women who are married with children seem okay but the single or cohabiting women can be hard to cope with. I do get really angry when some of the women in my area expect me to help them with any problems they have but don't seem to help themselves,they also seem to think they have the absolute right to try it on with anyone's husband, boyfriend etc... especially if the woman is not polish or in their opinion 'not pretty'. Again part of the problem is that a few stupid lttle men try it on or pay these women attention in hope that a 'foreign woman' will overlook what a British woman wouldn't, also some of the polish men will date them as they are the only women available. All this results in a some very average,quite unpleasant woman thinking that they are goddesses who should have everything they squeak for!!!!! That said there are some lovely polish women too and we're not perfect!

ultimately upbringing or education really defines who ever a person is. Rough is rough wether it's Wiggan or Warsaw, so's nicw.
Seanus 15 | 19,706
5 Dec 2011 #94
I think you got tired right at the end of your post ;) ;)

Seriously, though, very good post!!
Steveramsfan 2 | 306
5 Dec 2011 #95

Good post. Treat everyone as an individual and if they are bad to you ignore them, don't take it out on everyone from the same family, friend group, town, county, country or race!
Seanus 15 | 19,706
5 Dec 2011 #96
Precisely! Take people as you find them!
Wedle 16 | 496
5 Dec 2011 #97
So basically you agree with the OP, some Polish women are disrespectful?

Rough is rough wether it's Wiggan or Warsaw, so's nicw.

If someone is rough, it would normally be referred to their upbringing on a council estate/scheme for example. In my experience some people I have met who are raised on council estates are very much at ease with protocols.
5 Dec 2011 #98
some Polish women are disrespectful?

Yes some can be very disrespectful of other women.

I don't think it has any thing to do with council estates/projects( I live in Butetown on a council estate myself, born and raised there) it is how your family has brought you up and what values you have been taught,these values are not down to affluence. Education can make one more tolerant or open minded too.

Some people are rough, doesn't matter where they are from!
Wedle 16 | 496
5 Dec 2011 #99
it is how your family has brought you up and what values you have been taugh

I agree 100% with the above point.

values are not down to affluence.

No they are down to influence, if someone is born into a dysfunctional family it is twice as hard to break the mould.

Some people are rough, doesn't matter where they are from!

Mayberough should be substituted by some people lack values and morals, to keep in line with the theme.
sascha 1 | 826
5 Dec 2011 #100
all i can say is that this header of the thread in itself is already implying prejudices, anger, rage, misunderstanding, arrogance...not leading anywhere. didnt look who the author is but my guess is uk. am i right?

that is ethnical offense in a way and shouldnt be put up as a thread, especially when the goal is to 'understand each other'....or is sth else the point? ;)
Seanus 15 | 19,706
5 Dec 2011 #101
It always comes back to the same thing, sascha. I believe you know what I am going to say. It's the thinking of simpletons to tar a whole group with the same brush. However, it does raise an important question (although I see no question mark, lol). I agree with an earlier post which says you are more footloose and fancy free when abroad. I've heard countless tales of looseness.
6 Dec 2011 #102
I've never had a problem with Polish women, they all seem to be very friendly.
Seanus 15 | 19,706
6 Dec 2011 #103
All? Ok...if you say so
sascha 1 | 826
6 Dec 2011 #104
just the usual statistically everywhere ;)
eyenonathin 4 | 7
18 Jan 2012 #105
I think it depends, I have a Polish boyfriend and he hates Poland, he lives in the UK and love it over hear and English people..but I do know some of his friends, mainly female, who are very rude about English people. We are fat, stupid, ugly, lazy and England is a **** country and they are saving up all their money to go back to Poland and buy a house there..after a few years of child support here though of course.

My boyfriend couldn't be more different though! we are going strong at almost 2 years and couldn't be happier :D
18 Jan 2012 #106
Let's stop picking on the Poles again, PLEASE!!! The Scandinavians, as I've posted umpteen times here before, reputedly soooooo "good" in English, have the same disrepect for the aesthetics of English standard as the Poles etc..., maybe moreLOL
Meathead 5 | 473
19 Jan 2012 #107
No Sympathy for anyone who thinks its better to get money for free rather than working

when there is 5 zlotys to the pound, the Poles are not working for the same money. If you want the English to work you have to pay 'em.
hudsonhicks 21 | 346
19 Jan 2012 #108
They're not as developed as us. SIMPLE.
Economically and Culturally.

We learned to queue up for the bus years ago, they still behave like savages fighting for a seat.
Our shop assistance are naturally friendly and kind to people, in Poland shopping is still akin to a Soviet Prison experience :)

Also primitively Xenophobic. Why the need for so many Polish shops, so they can buy their precious Polish beer that tastes sooo much better and different to the huge variety of beer we have in Supermarkets???

Why the Polish TV in the homes??

They here for financial purposes ONLY. Not to blend in, or integrate into our county but for Benefits, Jobs and ££££££, in the hopes that one day they'll take their plunder back to oh so great Poland :)

=Que the outcry of a few badly behaved Brits visiting Krakow each year.. or the good ol' 303 Polish Squadron that won WW2 :)
croggers 7 | 109
19 Jan 2012 #109
Can't say that in the 5 years I've been here any woman has been disrespectful to me in anyway . Apart from the wife/mother-in-law/zus women/woman in biedronka/

I've only had a few isolated incidents with Polish guys shouting "KUR*A ANGLI" as they walk past because they can hear me speaking English.
Rubyoptics 4 | 16
19 Jan 2012 #110
Do all English people expect or deserve respect from the Poles, Poland is a member of the European union and your equal.

This is one of the most truthful statements i have read here. I have lived in several cities that were home for many Polish citizens, and the attitude of "fkin Polish, nickin' our jobs ain't they"...spoken whilst semi-drunk at 11am on a park bench on dole-day, used to sicken and depress me as to the state of my country. If you want work, it is everywhere. Get off your useless fat ass and go get it. Don't spend you lives fantasizing about an invasion of Polish workers stealing your jobs when one never happened.
RoughFlavors 1 | 100
19 Jan 2012 #111
good stuff, Wedle.
although there is something to be learned from the bus-queuing custom. can't say i miss the daily dose of bus riding... and the store clerk in our "Spozywczy" who would rather break your leg than have to give you change for a 100. oh, not to mention Pani Wiesia, the not-so-friendly post office rep. good old times.
Brytole blow
19 Jan 2012 #112
Also primitively Xenophobic.

Said a primitive xenophob.
Anyway,I don't understand what kind of respect do Brits expect for being Brits?
delphiandomine 88 | 18,454
20 Jan 2012 #113
They're not as developed as us. SIMPLE.

Well yes, the Poles haven't learnt the art of sitting at home whining on the internet while still getting loads of cash for it.

Got a job yet, by the way?
20 Jan 2012 #114
answer to the original question because many of them are pompous narrow minded dicks

just the other day i spoke to two poles recently who thought dinosaurs were made up to impress kids

they were amazed that they are believed to have existed
Shadow K - | 11
13 Mar 2012 #115
Its seams to me they want our hospitality and the money they get from working here but they do not like us.

it's not my experience in the UK. Also, if you were to work long hours, being underpaid and treated like a slave, after a while it's hard to keep a smile on your face, especially if you have a Phd in econometrics and spend month serving idiots all day who look at you and treat you like a second class citizen.

I'm not polish, but I also know that in some countries, regions, not smiling and not looking in the eyes isn't a sign of disrespect.

the United-Kingdom has been build by british going abroad for financial purposes ONLY. Not to blend in, or integrate into these countries but for Benefits ££££££, in the hopes that one day they'll take their plunder back to oh so great Great-Britain.

UK Corporations are out here exploiting people, resources and destroying the environment and, contrary to the Poles in the UK, not paying the local any taxes. This is exactly the world as the Brits wanted it: FREE MARKET CAPITALISM.

I'm not Polish. But I sick of this lamentable simplification that people only come here to take our job and for profit.... as if the British corporations go out there for other purposes than making money. England is what it is today because YOU english people wanted it that way by voting. Don't go blame the immigrants because you didn't make it in life. The day, that will never happens, you'll open this imaginary business that in in your head, then we'll see who you gonna hire, a pure british girls who want s to be pay a decent wage and benefits OR a slave immigrant worker ready to work for near to nothing you bloody hypocrites.

Who do you think are hiring polish workers, and renting them shops and flats and you moron ? ghosts ? NO. It's english voters like you. So, go talk to them and try to convince them that they don't need immigrants to work for them.

good luck with that.
21 Sep 2013 #116
I completely agree with you

I do agree with you. They are arrogant and unfriendly people!!!
Crow 160 | 10,261
21 Sep 2013 #117
its instinct

when females (in this case Polish) faces opposition of their males (in this case English males) they have necessity to prove their loyalty to the males that are dominant in their eyes (in this case Polish males). Also, they are aware of the deeper confrontation between Polish and English males and they again proving their loyalty to their males (Poles). So, they resist
pierogi2000 4 | 229
21 Sep 2013 #118
Who do you think are hiring Polish workers, and renting them shops and flats?

Great post. English citizens should be kissing the feet of Poles that it's them and not Africans
Crow 160 | 10,261
21 Sep 2013 #119
you know Bible?

well, i would remind you what apostole got from the snake, as reward, after he saved her. Death
21 Sep 2013 #120
Regardless how they are treated there and what they are blamed for.

so true, I was in Krakow and that was a fact. I was in the lobby and the streets and the loudest drunk wackodoodels were speaking english. I said were are you drunks from, they said the UK. I said, shut your asses up a bit, damn you are loud and rude.

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