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Nursing staff from Eastern Europe about to 'flood' into UK ?

17 Jul 2010 #31
i don't know much about what all of you are arguing about, but if there are a lot of qualified english speaking polish nurses out there looking for work, it would be great if they could go to the USA. America is absolutely desperate for nurses right now, trying their best to recruit more within the country, and the pay is excellent. i'm sure a lot of people in poland would make a great nurse in america, and they'd be pulling in a nice pay check immediately. RN's in america start at around $75,000 a year.
Seanus 15 | 19,706
17 Jul 2010 #32
My dad will be able to confirm the true position from the BS. He has been a nurse teacher since 1981 and highly active in different nursing institutions. He is well placed to comment.
BritishEmpire - | 148
17 Jul 2010 #33
The jobs are always secure, have you tried sacking a nurse when we have all the backing of the unions. These days you can't even sack someone who is drunk on the job. Trust me I've tried.

So nobody leaves their job through age or moving onto a better position or other work.
The point is whilst the nurses may not be sacked those that do leave will be replaced by agency workers just like in the private sector.
OP Cdogr90043
17 Jul 2010 #34
dtaylor5632 can be very sarcastic in his comments on this forum.
I wonder why? His answers are always so perfect. An awful lot of 'cutting and pasting' going on).
Could it be that he is financially involved, or works for an agency that is directly recruiting migrant nurses from Poland (and likely elsewhere).
He stated that no agencies are on this website, but they are!
dtaylor5632 has replied directly to comments on an agency posting on this website. See below.
This agency have offices in England and Scotland. Originally they started as a shipping crewing agency (one of the first to use Polish Labour,
but branched into Healthcare many years ago.
The link below is a copy of this 'healthcare' agencies post, there is a phone and fax number given.
Agencies do not care at all about healthcare, British, Polish or any other workers. They only care about profit, and continually source the cheapest migrant labour from anywhere in Europe.

dtaylor5632 can be very insulting in his replies. I wonder why? Could it be that he has a financial interest in recruiting migrant Polish nurses at the expense of British jobs? Perhaps he works for a Healthcare agency in the UK.

He stated there were no agencies posting on this website! There are, below is a copy of an agency post (Clyde Recruitment) directly encouraging migrant nurses to come to the UK for agency work.

dtaylor5632 knows about this, as he rplied to comments on their recent post.
This agency started as a shipping crew agency (Clyde Marine) being one of the first to source cheaper
Polish crews, likely putting British people out of work. They branched into healthcare some years ago. They are now obviously intensifying sourcing Polish nurses.
So next British nursing jobs are to be put at risk.
Im sure others will have lots to say on this, dtaylor5632 can cut and paste to his hearts content!
People can form their own opinions, but when agencies are so involved in economic migration of labour, it's usually a downward spiral for the country involved.

This will be my last comments on this, others can continue should they wish
Agencies do not really care about healthcare, or people...only profit!

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Nurse, nursing agency event in the UK

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georgecraig Feb 13, 08, 08:02 / #1
Dear Sirs. We have organised a recruitment event to assist nurse recruiters in the UK and Ireland to recruit nurses and medical staff from Poland.

I can send you some info on the event if it would be of any interest to you.

George Craig
Tel +44 (0) 1292 525 970 . Fax +44 (0) 1292 525979 .
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NorthMancPolak 4 | 648
17 Jul 2010 #35
dtaylor5632 can be very sarcastic in his comments on this forum.
I wonder why? His answers are always so perfect.

They are "so perfect" because he knows exactly what he's talking about.
Seanus 15 | 19,706
17 Jul 2010 #36
Davie was a nurse and, AFAIK, has gone back into that profession for a bit. That doesn't mean that he knows all material details but he is well placed.
OP Cdogr90043
17 Jul 2010 #37
Thanks for that.....I do have respect for the nursing profession, and I always stated I don't work in it. But Dave was wrong about agencies. The proof is on the previous post.

Unfortunately agencies in any sector of employment, tend to put their own profit first. And at the moment that seems to be sourcing migrant nurses from outside the UK.

Why not for once support, and train our own people first?

Dont want to go 'on and on' but where I work (not healthcare) as people leave or retire, they are instantly replaced by cheaper (often through dubious tax affairs) Polish, Romanian or Ukranian labour. They are not given British contracts.

Im gong to let this topic go now, let the health workers carry on this discussion should they wish. it's getting a bit too heated for me!

I don't really like the insults posted on what I consider to be a serious topic, that concerns all in the UK. I do hope it all works out. Your fathers opinion would be good to post for all to see.

Take care. Bye.
dtaylor5632 18 | 2,007
17 Jul 2010 #38
But Dave was wrong about agencies.

I think you misunderstand by what I was referring to by agency (bank work) and agency recruitment companies.
And just to destroy this myth you have that I am a secret undercover agency provider. I am a qualified Psychiatric Nurse and I have done very well to be in the high position I am in at the moment. Through a lot of hard work, talent and an excellent team. I am in a managerial position but I am very hands on (I know what it's like to be a carer, I was one). I work at a private facility providing care for 2 critical care units (for terminally ill patients, 1 unit for young clients the other for older residents) and one Psychiatric wing. We give specialist services that a well-trained team are experienced in looking after. Including treatment for acquired brain injury and neurology, and effective methods in looking after residents with challenging behavioural problems. We are also skilled in the latest assisted living technology. I also oversee (when current management are on leave) a care home for learning disabilities which was voted last year in the top 3 in the UK. So yes, in total...I know my stuff very well. If I didn't, I wouldn't be where I am now;)
Sick0 - | 11
17 Jul 2010 #39
Cdogr90043 why are you so worried about polish nurses workking in NHS or any clinic you sound alot paranoic , if they british nurse sux at work better for you to find well expirianced and skilled polish one , and i m sure she will speak english or she wont apply to this job , in english clinic or hospital its a must to speak english . Maybe you just dont realise it ?

And dont you really think that there wont be only polish nurses appling for this job . You know world and European Union in bigger then Poland ?? Another of your paradox
dtaylor5632 18 | 2,007
17 Jul 2010 #40
f they british nurse sux

They don't suck, far from it! One problem we have is that there aren't enough of us coming through the ranks to cope with the demands of an ever ageing population.
Sick0 - | 11
17 Jul 2010 #41
who you mean not enough of us ?? Population is ageing you need more nurses , now you find them overseas What the heki is wrong with that ?
dtaylor5632 18 | 2,007
17 Jul 2010 #42
who you mean not enough of us ??

Nurses, but also general medical staff.
Sick0 - | 11
17 Jul 2010 #43
OK all i find strange here by posting of mr Cdogr90043 is hes worries about flooding spooky only polish nurses to UK bacouse it was legaly allowed by EU and now by UK law . Sounds like for him it wil be only polish nurses . Maybe he should write this questions to hes MP or someone about hes worries ?
dtaylor5632 18 | 2,007
17 Jul 2010 #44
mr Cdogr90043 is hes worries about flooding spooky only polish nurses to UK

I think he expects a massive flood to the UK yes. He can be worried, but as long as the care is top quality then there isn't much to worry about.
18 Jun 2015 #45
Does anyone know any recruitment agencies in the UK looking for carers?

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