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What do you hate about England and English people?

10 Nov 2015 #121
Im bored with all the brit / american bashing that goes on, no point really
Wulkan - | 3,251
10 Nov 2015 #122
I have seen British immigrants in Poland treated as third class citizens.

Not being able to communicate in Polish by majority of them would be one of the main reasons.
10 Nov 2015 #123
I worked in china for a while, i got to know the basics hello goodbye, beer etc. they never treated me as a third class immigrant,

No British person I know has been treated badly,

There are exceptions where people try and go to a different land and try and impose their rules / beliefs on the local inhabitants, thats where the problems begin.
10 Nov 2015 #124
I honestly ThinkPad these brits In some way have superiority complex over poles And Think they arÄ™ inferior.since poles have now sen how brits Live In uk they know there Real truth
Crow 139 | 8,308
10 Nov 2015 #125
i think that are English cowards. Only great cowardice explains why are English capable for that many schemes and deceptions. Poor creatures doing evil constantly convinced that by that evil they actually prevents `something` that can happen to them. They live in fear
10 Nov 2015 #126
i think that are English cowards.

There were English men fighting in the wars in Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo. They fought on the winning sides. Didn't your brave Serbian heroes fight on the losing side in all of those wars? That might explain why you have the English so much.
Crow 139 | 8,308
10 Nov 2015 #127
There were English men fighting in the wars in Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo.

yes, side by side with worse Arab mujaheedines

They fought on the winning sides.

muja didn`t win

Didn't your brave Serbian heroes fight on the losing side in all of those wars?

you have wrong informations

That might explain why you have the English so much.

muja or english is same to me. i don`t hate. its disgust

From all Europeans only English and Croats fought side by side with worse Arab mujaheedines, against other European people. There were mercenaries of all kind of ethnicity, involved on all sides in conflict but non of them, except English fought alongside mujas. Down there in text you can read about some poor English creature that was for its cooperation with mujas, by those same mujas rewarded with death.

Britons flock to fight in Bosnia: Thousands of ex-soldiers and 'untrained idiots and psychopaths'

The Independent, STEVE BOGGAN, Sunday 23 October 2011

Details emerged yesterday of Ted Skinner, 38, one of the two mercenaries who were killed last week, but it is understood the Foreign Office has failed to trace any relatives of Derek Arnold. Both men were kidnapped from their flat near Travnik, six miles west of the British UN force's base in Vitez. They were bound, tortured and shot in the head.

Reports yesterday said they had given the British forces intelligence about Muslim operations in which they were involved, something to which Mujahedin mercenaries fighting alongside them ...

There must be justice

JacquesHogart: British SAS and Americans were attacking Serbian Churches, Monasteries, Refugees

February 8, 2015 by Grey Carter

Jacques Hogard was one of the first Western officers who entered the territory of Serbia after the signing of the Kumanovo Agreement in 1999, and there he saw that the information he was given by NATO command does not correspond to the truth.

He realized that there was no humanitarian war, but on the contrary - as an field officer he saw that KLA terrorists were constantly under control of German and British military services, even when attacking Serbian churches, monasteries and refugee columns just after the end of the NATO bombing.

"The Brits had the closest contacts with the KLA. Soldiers of the 20th SAS Regiment were actually engaged with KLA, they provided them with logistics and trained them. This is what I personally discovered on the field," said Jacques Hogard."

Billy9999 - | 34
10 Nov 2015 #128
one English colleague suggested that we should postpone Christmas party (which we organize every year) until the end of January so that everyone could attend and no one would feel offended! Why would you call it a Christmas party then?

That, to me is EXACTLY what is wrong with England and the English. PC correctness gone mad.

We were a Christian country until about five years ago. Then, suddenly our inglorious politicians started saying we are "multicultural"! When did that happen?

Camoron only today proudly stated that we have "a community for every country in the world" What's all that about?... hardly integration or social cohesion is it?
11 Nov 2015 #129
Hate them being loud as ****. Hate them farting and burping while eating. Hate the stinking aura of marijuana following them. Hate how lazy most of them are. Hate how they litter every place they happen to be at. Lots of annoying stuff just from the top of my head.
milky 13 | 1,657
11 Nov 2015 #130
Hate them farting and burping while eating.

I've heard Poles makes this complaint about Germans, British and Irish.
Poles are not just perfect catholics, they don't even fart.
Chemikiem 6 | 2,248
11 Nov 2015 #131
Hate them

What, all of us? Surely not ;)
Just makes me wonder why you're living in England then? As it must be such a trial for you having to put up with us.....;)
11 Nov 2015 #132
What, all of us?

Not all :) But I hate it when those who behave like that behave like that :))
Chemikiem 6 | 2,248
11 Nov 2015 #133
Of course not all ;) I myself am guilty of none of the above ;)
Ridiculous thread to be honest.....
11 Nov 2015 #134
No other nationality fart and burp as much as the English, and yeah even fart when eating, makes me gag.
jon357 63 | 15,212
11 Nov 2015 #135
They do all those things even more in Trollhagen

Anyway, here's a picture of a cat. Just because.

Only joking, I was going to post a picture of a cat but it would be off-topic. Oddly enough, the trolling posts probably look like they're on topic, even though they aren't, since they aren't genuine.

What do I hate about England and the English (or Britain and the British)? Well, sometimes they don't realise what they've got, what the country has achieved and how much global cultural influence there is.
11 Nov 2015 #136
English people think they're all civilised and King of the castle when the truth is they ain't no more. Maybe a couple hundred years ago they were kings of the world the rest of the world just laughs at them now. The men are weak and act like women as others have said.

Just makes me laugh that due to colonisation (years and years ago) they still think they're top dog. Talk about hanging on to the past. Deluded people. nobody likes the English anyway. Scottish and Irish are ok so note i dont say British.
11 Nov 2015 #137
Well, the one good thing for all the people who don't like the UK and the people in it is, you know what to do don't you if you don't like it!
ryouga 4 | 59
11 Nov 2015 #138
Well you get bad people in Scotland too but its in a different way, As a Scotsman with Polish grandparents I have had more hate for purely being Scottish in England than anything else I remember at university being in the halls and another student giving me nasty looks, yet he was friends with everyone he started shouting at me saying his taxes pay for Scottish students and Scotland steals money from England (he was 18, never worked a day in his life and from middle class family)

It was a similar story elsewhere, its the chicken or the egg scenario as during the World Cup the media reports how English people are the victims of racist abuse and attacks from Scottish people and its lies or twisted and never on how Scottish people are attacked in England, I had a friend attacked with bricks by a group of teenagers and scarred for life that barely made the local English paper which even said "he must of started it" had a friend threatened with a knife in a bar for being Scottish.

And some English people complaining during a world cup when they walked into a SCOTTISH bar wearing England football uniform and swearing about the "racist Scots" as they walked through the door despite the locals offering them free drinks and wanting to shake their hands and be friends with them and telling them its just done in fun and they like the English, but they refused the hospitality and then tried complaining more like "how dare they offer us a free drink"
11 Nov 2015 #139
My grandfather was a Scott, he lived in England for 30yrs, a Ross from Aberdeen. After his return to Scotland after my grandmothers death he went to a local social club with his brother, he was spat at by a guy who called him a traitor for living in England and marrying an English woman.

I would say all Scotts are inward with their nationalist party and their anti English ways, but my grandfather was open so I guess he was different from the normal Scott in the street.
jon357 63 | 15,212
11 Nov 2015 #140
Well, the one good thing for all the people who don't like the UK and the people in it is, you know what to do don't you if you don't like it!

Bingo. If someone hates something or somewhere, why would they want to go. Or get all hot and bothered about another country's history.

English anyway. Scottish and Irish are ok so note i dont say British.

You forgot the Welsh. And some of us are a mix of all four...
ryouga 4 | 59
11 Nov 2015 #141
My mother is English and she notices the anti Scottish things over the years, I have a English accent despite being Scottish (more the fact I dont use slang apart from "aye") I have never had a problem in Scotland outside of people who are scum and would have a problem with anyone regardless

Some of the things that annoy her is that in Southern Scotland their local news is from Newcastle and covers parts of Yorkshire in fact only a few minutes a week if lucky on Scotland, how if England does well in a sporting event(or anything) its a success for England,if they fail its a BRITISH loss, if Scotland or Wales does well its a BRITISH victory, if Scotland fails its a SCOTTISH loss they are glory hogs.

My dad told me when he first met my mother (in Portsmouth) a drunken navy guy came in, turned to him and said "I hate all Scottish, you are scum" and tried hitting my dad but was so drunk he fell over.

When I studied in Carlisle my flatmates said Scotland was inferior to England at sports, education, even acting, in shops I would hear people talk about Scottish people being idots and scum etc.

In my experience most Scots (outside the stereotype chav/criminals) are more willing to be friendly to the English until they get a racist comment back at which point they give as good as they get, whilst in England its hate hidden as "jokes" or they believe the biased media.

Over the years the English comments I hear is that every Scottish person has watched and worships the film "Braveheart" we are drunk every night on Buckfast, we all eat junk food, that it is always raining in Scotland even just over the border, that every Scottish person hates England.

Hey during the referendum last year we couldnt win, Yes voters were called names such as hating England, or being uneducated, No voters were told they were only voting no as they know how good they have it from English taxes and either way it was used as an attack on Scotland

People in Scotland hate how people in England even more so the youth talk about 1966 as if they are gods because of it when it is 50 years ago.

So basically we feel like England sees itself first and Scotland as the poor uneducated ones.

I have a English mother, Scottish father, Polish grandfather so I am a mix of people

Traditonally Scottish people got on better with Northerners especially from Newcastle but I notice in recent years people from Newcastle have gone the opposite way hating Scotland maybe more than southerners.
12 Nov 2015 #142
In a recent world wide survey the English were rated first in a poll of 'most hated' by rest of the world. The reason was 'arrogance that cannot be backed up'

You're allowed to be a bit rude and arrogant if you have something to back it up with, unfortunately the ugly, short English have nowt to be arrogant about. A couple hundred years ago when they were colonising the world and running the plantations but not anymore. I've seen really hot, educated, rich people act with far less arrogance than the English. It's all topsy-turvy.

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