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Getting Polish internet tv in the UK

johnmac 1 | 1
11 Nov 2011 #1

I apologise if this has already been asked, but I have an internet tv box attached to my HD TV and wish to get Polish TV. I have found various sites but none offer the main channels such as TV Polonia, and TVP1, which the wife (who is polish) says are very good and TVP Polonia has English subtitles). I don't mind paying a subscription for the channels, but would like to know which webiste(s) I go to to get this. I thought about satellite, but it is expensive and from reading around the Polish have a habit of moving the frequencies around so the dish has to be retuned. Ideally, a website that offers the subscription channles on satellite for internet tv would be great. Can anyone help?


g60edition 6 | 175
11 Nov 2011 #2
Is your internet tv box an open box? A satellite set up does not have to be expensive,Get yourself a Dreambox 500HD get a dish up and do some reading here [] If you go for a motorised dish you will be amazed at what you can view.You can get a clone dream box 500 hd for around £150.00,80cm Dish & Lnb would be about £60.00ish Motor from Maplins around £45.00.Then your brackets and coax.Cosidering the cost of subs these days this is the way to go.Do some reading here [] and here []

Setting up a motorised dish for the 1st time is frustrating but well worth it.If you go this route there are loads of tutorials of how to do this on the above forums

Also read up on ccam on the above forums

Polish have a habit of moving the frequencies around so the dish has to be retuned

You dont need to retune the dish,you can do whats called a blind scan on most boxes which will scan the satellite you are pointing at (Polish tv is on Hotbird13)

We have a similar set up at home and we get all Polsat has to offer ;-)
OP johnmac 1 | 1
11 Nov 2011 #3

Thanks for the reply.

I have an open box. I have noticed many threads on this topic having posted mine, should have read those first before posting a new one.

6 Feb 2012 #4
check this service - I tried them and liked them, satellite quality without satellite dish, instant connection and 2-week video archive for all programmes as a free bonus.

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