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Polish families' arson drama in London

Adacymru 1 | 3
28 Sep 2010 #1
Both English and Polish newspapers and internet sites report on three families who last week had to flee their home following an arson attack in south London. They have lost all of their possessions, and no doubt suffered great psychological trauma.

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Help is being organised all over the UK, and it has been reported that more than enough items of clothing have already been donated to the families. However they will need furniture and various household appliances, as well as financial assistance.

All those who wish to donate please follow the link on Moja Wyspa ( for details (in polish): omoc
Seanus 15 | 19,706
28 Sep 2010 #2
There's always an 'arse on' the go ;) Seriously though, I hope people realise that innocent victims should not be made to suffer. The feeling of being an innocent victim must be horrific and one that cannot be endured. Help will be on the way I'm sure!
OP Adacymru 1 | 3
28 Sep 2010 #3
No doubt all forms of help will greatly appreciated.

DarrenM 1 | 77
28 Sep 2010 #4
Is there somewhere i can make a financial contribution?
OP Adacymru 1 | 3
29 Sep 2010 #5
All financial donations can be made via paypal to:

Please enter in "subject": FOR HELP

In the message box, you can write your name so it can be added to the list of all people making financial gifts on:
wredotka 5 | 297
30 Sep 2010 #6

"Polish people living in the UK reacted immediately and spontaneously coming to injured families aid. Anybody can support these people by offering the most necessary things (clothes, domestic appliances, kitchen utensils, etc.) or paying money"
OP Adacymru 1 | 3
11 Oct 2010 #7
Thank you for your intrest.

This appeal to hep the families concerned has now ended.

£1140 has been collected and divided between the families concerned. Thank you to everybody that donated to this fund.

jon357 71 | 20,403
4 Sep 2013 #8
Merged: Polish man in UK jailed for arson after indoor barbeque

Don't try this at home folks...

Drunk man who wanted some sausages is jailed for arson after fire broke out when he started a barbecue in his sister's lounge
- Polish national ripped down doors to fuel the blaze in terraced house
- He was handed three years behind bars after pleading guilty to arson
A man who had been on a drinking binge nearly burned down his sister's home after lighting a barbecue in the front room to fry some sausages. Dariusz Garbacki started the fire in a disposable barbecue and poured lighter fluid on it to get it going.

4 Sep 2013 #9
Don't try this at home folks...

Go to your mate's house and try it there.
RevokeNice 15 | 1,859
4 Sep 2013 #10
Thats not a barbecue. Thats a bonfire.

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