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Why English do not like Polish?

Marsupial - | 886
15 Oct 2016 #392
Thats what it looks like to me now.
Dreamergirl 4 | 276
15 Oct 2016 #393
No I think that is wrong. What ever state England is in it's surely more civilised than Australia or any of the ex colonies?
jon357 66 | 17,040
15 Oct 2016 #394
Every assault is a hate crime.

Don't be so daft Ironside. That comment is stupid and bizarre even by your 'standards'.

Oh?! Tell us more about females in Poland. What if they went to England with their parents about six, nine or ten years ago, in their teen years or as children. Not possible? Seems likely.

There you go again, deliberately getting the wrong end of the stick.

Fortunately Agnieszka and Angelika Mut have been convicted, and frankly got off very likely.
Marsupial - | 886
15 Oct 2016 #395
Sure you have your perspective. My is that Australia is a better place to live as opposed to uk. Canada better than usa, poland better than russia and so on. It looks to me like people in those places have learned from the empirial powers of the bigger countries next to them and avoided their mistakes and all that while the old powers still crap on the same bollocks and profess to be superior when in fact its not even close.
Dreamergirl 4 | 276
15 Oct 2016 #396
Marsupial, polish people haven't created any problems here.
23 Jul 2017 #397
i wont it to be english and say what over people are thinking but have not got the guts like me some times you are not allowed to say what you want to say in your country uk britain because living here are scum polish we voted out to keep polish scum out join me if you agree
Joker 2 | 1,770
23 Jul 2017 #398
The English tend not to like anything that isn't English, Im surprised they even like themselves!

but have not got the guts like me

Or just not as stupid as you are!

i won't it to be english and say what over people are think

For someone claiming to be English you sure haven't mastered the language yet???

Blimey Jeeeeves, I think we have an illiterate Jr.Troll...LOL
Crow 146 | 9,112
23 Jul 2017 #399
Why? English are malevolent. That`s why.
idem - | 135
23 Jul 2017 #400
It is bit harsh - I would say they have 'superiority complex'- even with all these understatements and sarcasm is like teasing .....
Joker 2 | 1,770
26 Jul 2017 #401
Brits miss their Empire, let's face it! Since they can't return to "Rule Britannia!"

They are a rather disgruntled bunch, always have been that way.

Some things I'm personally annoyed with the English

1) Complain too much, especially the older generation

2) Although they say "sorry" a lot, they usually don't want to admit their mistakes when they make a false assumption.

3) Expressing negative comments constantly on the country they're visiting ( even politeness doesn't help)

4) Lack of cultural sensitivity, expecting everyone to keep up with their politeness system. Still missing the British Empire Eh??

5) Their attitude towards anyone that isn't English ( especially Americans)
Marsupial - | 886
28 Jul 2017 #402
The brit fm bojo the clown was here this week
The calls for a republic have gone up again after he opened his mouth. He is toxic, even pretends he is from a united kingdom? United lol?. The opposition leader is promising a vote on republic today if he gets in next time. Nobody wants any part of being a backward englander. So the English may not like anyone but gees no one wants them here. He should come more often so we can change over quicker!
jon357 66 | 17,040
28 Jul 2017 #403
bojo the clown

You should have kept him and stranded him in the outback.


That would be the same 'Nobody' who voted down the referendum last time. Must be quite a guy.

It will be nice one day if you do choose a republic, that's something that happens to British Colonies. We set them up, and cut them loose when they're a success, as Oz is. I doubt anyone in the UK much cares and most are probably surprised it hasn't been done already.
Marsupial - | 886
29 Jul 2017 #404
It can't be done while the old pommie fossils are still active. They tried in 1999 but now is a different story. Time for another go.
jon357 66 | 17,040
29 Jul 2017 #405
Perhaps time for a new wave of immigration from the UK to down under.
Marsupial - | 886
29 Jul 2017 #406
Lol as if. Time for us here to get a head of state that's not a foreigner.
jon357 66 | 17,040
29 Jul 2017 #407
Time for us here

Nobody's stopping you.

Perhaps an Arabic-speaking or Chinese-speaking Australian would make a good choice.
Marsupial - | 886
29 Jul 2017 #408
You can bet it won't be anyone like that. Besides that the other party would have to get in. We are talking years here. The other party comes with things like gay marriage and other issues people are not too keen on. This in itself is not a major issue like all voting one has to weigh up the lot. I was just pointing out the tory delusion and that of the brits that somehow they think their bonds are so strong here. Sure they are but just nowhere near the level they think. A mere mention of monarchy here sparks debate again in 24 hours or less.
jon357 66 | 17,040
29 Jul 2017 #409

Never bet on politics or demographics; too many surprises...

heir bonds are so strong

Perhaps on the Aussie side. Most people in Britain feel neither malice nor any great affection.
Marsupial - | 886
29 Jul 2017 #410
Yes lol betting on these outcomes is risky. I think the rest is individual choice. I always liked brits know heaps of them and worked with heaps in business. I hired one a while back. I thinks its the left much more left of me that slags off the queen. Plus people feel babied by having some patron.
francis2017 1 | 2
1 Aug 2017 #411
@mietek emigrant

Hi we English do not hate the Poles. We love you. You are our favourite minority and very welcome to live in my country which is also yours too. It is other minorities who claim to be English who say they dislike you.
dolnoslask 6 | 3,541
30 Jun 2019 #413
The poor shrinking wallflowers still haven't got over it.

Old harry was picking on anyone who did not share his politics, true some yanks also went over the top , nice to know harry was south african and not British. So he is dead then? shame.

I guess the whole thing is not about yanks brits or poles , it is more about liberals and conservatives, I guess the balance is going against liberalism at the moment and people are getting a bit heated (includes me at times) . but it's all a bit of entertainment,
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,956
30 Jun 2019 #414
true some yanks also went over the top

and still do. They can give it out , but not take it., it seems. Esp the 'alt-right' pussies.

I did hear on this very forum that Harry had passed away. He was no spring chicken I suppose.

Incidentally I do wish Yanks would stop referring to us British people as 'English', and to the UK as 'England'.

It is such an insult to the Welsh, Scottish and Irish British people. I have tried to explain before, about the concept of 'nation-state' etc., (first year undergrad Interpol) but they don't seem to be able to get it.

I mean, take the title of this thread as a perfect example.
What about Welsh , Scottish and N. Irish people?
dolnoslask 6 | 3,541
30 Jun 2019 #415
Yanks would stop referring to us British people as 'English', and to the UK as 'England'.

Yep it is a very difficult to try and explain how the United Kingdom works and where the English fit in , lived in America for a while and found that when asked about the UK I would explain it but really I could see that they weren't bothered , fair enough I guess , I was the same when it came to me and the workings of American football.

Interesting Harry being from SA, explains his inherited guilt as a privileged white male, being party of the suppression of black people in their own country, this does explain his radical leftism trying to atone to his white countrymen s (and possibly his families) crimes against humanity.
pawian 176 | 14,299
30 Jun 2019 #416
Dolno, we are talking about dislike of Poles now, not about Harry. Go up and check the title of the thread: Why English do not like Polish?

The point is that some Americans accuse Brits of things they do themselves. Vide: Joker`s remark to a Polish woman.

Conclusion: some barbarian Americans seem to have a complex of inferiority towards Europe. Poland is in Europe, so despising Europe they also despise Poland and Poles. Simple.
dolnoslask 6 | 3,541
30 Jun 2019 #417
we are talking about dislike of Poles now, not about Harry.

Well I thought Harry was English and he disliked Poles, so as far as I was concerned it fitted the topic.

Pawo , respectfully,I don't know if you have not noticed, this is not YOUR forum , the mods here will put me right , please stop acting as if you are in the classroom, I do not have to pay any attention to your lectures about where and what I post here.

Anyway this is a daft thread 99% of English in England have great respect for the poles , fact, so no need for this thread to cover 1% like Harold and his gang, oh but one was a sweaty sock scot dunno if that counts.

And before you or anyone (apart from mod) say anything else I am not blessed with comprehension reading or any other skills when it comes to language , so I make mistakes I always have and always will because in my case according to experts it cannot be fixed.

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