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Dual nationality: British and Polish

Golden truth
31 Jul 2016 #61
Probably somethings in Poland are not straight forward. .not surprised of the funny ....if the Polish parent relocate from Poland then the application will sort of difficult...hmm mm.
Crow 139 | 8,602
31 Jul 2016 #62
If i`m Polish who live in UK, i would prefer that my pet dog have British passport and i would keep Polish.
Em4p - | 1
1 Aug 2016 #63
Hi dolnoslask
I have been reading through this site searching for information on dual nationality and came across your posts and how you gained dual nationality and how you have been helping others by sending details of how you achieved yours

This is a credit to you which brings me to my situation which is almost identical to yours from what I've read
I would be grateful if you could pm me some information as you have done for others that is if your not to swamped with other request in which case when you have time

WandaW - | 2
8 Apr 2017 #64
I have been awarded my Polish citizenship. I employed a very good solicitor in Kraków and the process was relatively easy. The exceptions were the Polish court recognising my divorce papers. I had to have an 'apostille' attached to them and secondly, having to ask my ex husband of 35 years to sign an affidavit that he had no legal claim on me!
PolkaFasolka - | 7
15 Apr 2017 #65
@polskibrit86 You need to live in Poland for 2 years and pass the language and citizenship exam. You need to be married for at least 3 years. Just being married to Polish person is not enough to get the passport without living in Poland. It may make it easier if you wanted to travel or live in any UE country after Brexit.

More details here foreigners in poland/get-polish-citizenship

All the best.
27 Feb 2018 #66
Hi .i am a dual national living in uk.,it breaks my heart to see that people don't know much about how to get their immigration status sorted here in uk before brexit"kicks in and it will be too late..My general advice for Poles wanting to "regulate their status " in uk would be to :

1.get your permanent residency first (after 3 -5 years)-some have been here 10-15 years and still haven't applied for it...2.get British citizenship 1 year after that..

3.don't wait for any special register uk talking won't give u full rights.x
Jadzia Wondee
16 Apr 2019 #67
Hi, I was born in UK in 1958. My mother was born in Brześć in 1925, my Father in Lwów in 1923. Both were deported to Siberia, and eventually arrived in UK in 1948. They never took up British citizenship. My father is now deceased. My mother is still alive. I feel certain from other threads that I qualify for a Polish Passport, but I don't know where to begin to apply, and whether it can be done without involving an expensive agency. T

hanking you in advance for your advice.
delphiandomine 85 | 18,266
16 Apr 2019 #68
My mother is still alive.

If she's still alive, does she have a Polish passport or ID card?

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