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A collection of noimmigration's threads or "STAY AWAY from BRITAIN"

OP noimmigration
4 Sep 2008 #901
Cntral europe is ONLY a geographical term, Poland is geopolitical and historically eastern europe.
Polson 5 | 1,770
4 Sep 2008 #902
Ok, historically what makes Poland closer to Russia than to Germany?
Nah, sorry :)
PolskaDoll 28 | 2,104
4 Sep 2008 #903
Well, there is already an entire thread dedicated to Poland's geographical position within Europe so we don't need to turn this thread into one. ;)

Yes, independent jewellers, like most independent retailers carry their stock in their cars and vans in order to transport from wherever they have purchased their stock from. Not everything is delivered to them. Whether or not their insurance covers this I do not know, I would be surprised if it did but there might some loop hole.

noimmigration, as the article clearly states there is no ID to these attackers other than they are "Eastern European" so if you feel strongly enough that they are Polish then perhaps you'd like to go undercover on the streets of Glasgow and prove this point to us once and for all. If not, then accept that the real identity of these thieves is not known.
OP noimmigration
8 Sep 2008 #904
a cross party of mps have called for toughwer immigration rules , full story here -
ShelleyS 14 | 2,893
8 Sep 2008 #905
This is not targeted at EU members, it is for those that live outside the EU.
whyikit 6 | 102
8 Sep 2008 #906
Shelleys - Agree

Also very interesting that MPs are again disagreeing with a professor who has looked at the data. I wonder who view point to believe MPs or a scientist!!!
ShelleyS 14 | 2,893
8 Sep 2008 #907
I would hope a bit of both, but it is true that we cannot sustained the influx of migrants from none EU countries, we have more than enough labour both professional and none professional from within the EU to cover our needs.

The NHS has changed it's recruitment policy and they were one of the largest recruiters from outside of the EU, things change and the population of the UK has changed to a degree we no longer need to source from outside of the EU.
BubbaWoo 33 | 3,510
8 Sep 2008 #908
This is not targeted at EU members, it is for those that live outside the EU.

didnt seem clear who they were targeting

this is an interesting statistic

The group's report said this would put a strain on public services adding that a new home for immigrants would need to be built every six minutes.

Lodz_The_Boat 32 | 1,535
8 Sep 2008 #909
Why dont we welcome people ? Scottish can be welcome in Poland...and Polish in scottland.... even asian or african can be welcome... migration is not it?
8 Sep 2008 #910
I think it's also an interesting point that the professor in question is an immigrant himself:

He was born in Trenton, Ontario, Canada in 1958. He studied at the University of Western Ontario, the University of Michigan, the University of Stockholm and the National Institute of Demographic Research in Paris.

Maybe they don't trust him because of this fact and regard him as bias.
ShelleyS 14 | 2,893
8 Sep 2008 #911
migration is not it?

controlled migration is a must, uncontrolled is a problem.
Seanus 15 | 19,706
8 Sep 2008 #912
It's a tough question for sure. The only thing we can realistically do is to dish out disincentives to coming. U can't physically cap the level of immigration by turning people away or issuing a VISA system which would cut against the grain of the EU.

I don't want to imply that we should close the door and be recalcitrant. More, we should acknowledge that we have a problem in place so we should lower benefits for immigrants and toughen the procedure for getting them.

It's a natural response, to send out a message that the UK should be no mecca. The fact remains tho, that many immigrants have put roots down in the UK and have a settled intention to stay there. Britain must roll with the punches
SeanBM 35 | 5,808
8 Sep 2008 #913
toughen the procedure for getting them.

You could do an Ali-G (from the film"in d house") and send away all the men and ugly women, it's as good a criteria as any.
Seanus 15 | 19,706
8 Sep 2008 #914
That may form the vast percentage of claimants :(

Or maybe that's the point ;)
szkotja2007 27 | 1,498
8 Sep 2008 #915
Once again Scotland getting mixed up with UK stats.
In direct contrast to the rest of the UK, Scotland needs immigration -

As I keep on saying - this is a London based government trying to adapt UK stats to Scotland - it just doesn't work. Look at the link - this is what the Scottish government are doing to encourage immigration - is there a London based government equivalent ?
LondonChick 31 | 1,133
8 Sep 2008 #916
Best thing about immigration in Scotland was the plethora of ice-cream parlours there when i was growing up :P
Lodz_The_Boat 32 | 1,535
8 Sep 2008 #918
What will happen when ice caps melt and many lands go under water... :) ... i will let people in Poland if I were president. But I am not... :D
PolskaDoll 28 | 2,104
8 Sep 2008 #919
didnt seem clear who they were targeting

It doesn't seem clear but the whole things stems from immigrants outside of the EU. I was listening to something about this on the radio this morning.

noimmigration - the reason they want a cap in Scotland is because of the rapid growth in population and they've made a forward prediction. It's more about the future rather than the here and now. Right now we do need the immigrant population.
Seanus 15 | 19,706
8 Sep 2008 #920
Many Poles fit in well in the hotel and catering industry. I've met some decent people in Inverness and Glasgow. I wonder how they cope with demanding Brits. They like to hear Polish from a Scot.
OP noimmigration
8 Sep 2008 #921
Right now we do need the immigrant population.

right now britian is in recession this means business is constricting employment oppertunities which means we dont need migrants coming and taking jobs.

Thread attached on merging:
Pole suspect 'echoes Fritzl case'

look at this
szkotja2007 27 | 1,498
8 Sep 2008 #922
employment oppertunities

So why dont you get a job and stop greetin about the taxpayers that are funding your education.

Edit - where is the evidence of Scotlands recession. Scotlands economy is growing.
8 Sep 2008 #923
aren't you bored and tired of your own posts noimi? i thought that a future lawyer should be more clever, but you always use cheap shots...
OP noimmigration
8 Jan 2009 #925
Thread attached on merging:
Poles, welfare and recession

Explains a lot doesnt it
Siegfried 1 | 100
8 Jan 2009 #926

Lol, noimmigration, get a brain.
20L per week for a first kid? compare it to the bloody taxes we are paying, money we spend on food and rentals.

how many of us are on benefits? 5%? 3%?
The truth is we dont need your f*g benefits, we can earn the money and laugh at morons like you

8 Jan 2009 #927
Explains a lot doesnt it

Did you actually read the whole article ? Or did you selectively just latch onto a few words ?

I read the article online this morning, It's a fairly well balanced article <which makes a change for the Daily Mail> It shows that UK employers are getting worried because the Polish workforce seems to be drying up in the UK and it is reported that single Polish people are heading home, but Polish families who have worked for at least twelve months are staying and hoping to see the through the recession, as they are here for the long haul.

The point is that child benefit would be higher here in the UK because we have a higher standard of living and the cost of living is very much higher than in Poland.

You show yourself up by taking an article and highlighting it but not having read it properly. You should read it first before you post. This is another reason why it is more than apparent you are not a University student.

Siegfried 1 | 100
8 Jan 2009 #928
every time you write a topic a swan dies...

think about it mate.
8 Jan 2009 #929
think about it mate.

Wonder where nonimmigration1 is when you need him ?
Siegfried 1 | 100
8 Jan 2009 #930
he is trying to read the article... and then he will try to understand it ;)

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