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Polish TV channels in the UK

Terra 2 | 18
2 May 2007 #31
Hia Telefonitika

sorry bout delay,

polsat is the Polish version of our SKY not identical but specialises in Polish Networks

Nagravision CAM - to work in any "CI" satellite receiver
Channels included:-
Discovery Channel, Discovery Science, Discovery Civilisation, Viva Polska
Animal Planet, Cartoon Network, Jetix,, Polonia 1, TCM
Travel Channel, TVN Style, TVN Meteo, TVN Turbo, AXN, CNN
Zdrowie i Uroda, TV Puls, Polsat 2, TVP Polonia, Reality TV, Club
TVP Kultura, RMF FM, RMF Classic, Radio Zet, Radio Polonia, Radio Plus
Trojka Polskie Radio, Jedynka. Polskie Radio, Eurosport, Mango Telezakupy
Disney Channel, Eurosport 2, Eurosport News, Extreme Sports
Polsat Sport Extra, Boomerang, Jetix Play, Cinemax, Cinemax 2
AXN Sci-Fi, AXN Crime, Zone Romantica, Kino Polska, Zone Europa
MTV, VH1.This is including Polsat extra sport with Scotish games.

cost just depends on how you want to do it

if you buy polsat box and card, every year you would have to do the same and buy the box and card,

however if you buy a European Satellite system then all you need to do is buy the cam and card.

the cost of the cam and card at the moment are like for like with the card and box price, although when it is time to renew the card after the first 12 month contract all you need to purchase is the polsat card.

hope that explains how to do it, price will be negotiable with myself being as we are almost like pen pals now ;).


aka Glyn
OP telefonitika
2 May 2007 #32
Lol Terra ok .. i will have the european system plus get the cam and card as that seems like a better option as then all i have to do is buy the polsat card.

so send me an off board price overall of everything and will let you know as to a date to come an install ;)

indeed on the penpal bit hehe ps no worries on delays


aka Tara

Terra sent a message to you via the email from the shop cheers :D
Terra 2 | 18
4 May 2007 #33
Terra sent a message to you via the email from the shop cheers :D

thursday is my only day off as i work every saturday and sunday every week ( sky sub contractors you see ),i wll sort the best price for you i possibly can.

just waiting to speak to me boss later.


aka Glyn
davidpeake 14 | 451
4 May 2007 #34
Terra, or anyone else, can i do the opposite, an get all the english channels from Poland. At the moment all i get is BBC and Prime. looking for some sports channels maybe.
OP telefonitika
4 May 2007 #35
thursday is my only day off as i work every saturday and sunday every week ( sky sub contractors you see ),i wll sort the best price for you i possibly

no worries hun - - be two weeks or so before give installation date as currently decorating throughout the house first before moving in.
I have saturday .. mon/tue/weds off work ... so busy day for me tomorrow :D
16 May 2007 #36
This website looks good: im hoping to buy one of the cyfrowy polsat package on there in the summer.
7 Sep 2007 #37

try this

Hi Telefonitika
21 Oct 2007 #38
go and download JLC's internet tv, it's free to download the software, once you have done this, scroll down the channels by country list to Poland, click to view over 90 channels!!!! if there is any other software out there that you know of for polish channels to download to pc let me know, dzekuje!
HellsBells - | 3
25 Nov 2007 #39
Please excuse my ignorance here, but I know nothing about Satelite/card/receivers etc... but is it possible to receive Polish channels WITHOUT the use of a satelite dish, as unfortunately the installation of a dish to the face of my building is not permitted!!! Can these channels be received via cable????? Any advice would be gratefully accepted. Thanks guys...
OP telefonitika
25 Nov 2007 #40

only via Internet would be your only other option as in the UK you cant use Cable to receive any channels you can get a good selection of polish channels on there to watch online .. sorry other than a satellite dish you wouldnt be able to receive the channels otherwise.
HellsBells - | 3
25 Nov 2007 #41
Thanks for your prompt response Tele. Thats disappointing news! Thanks anyway xx
OP telefonitika
25 Nov 2007 #42
no probs as i say use the jlc-software i do at minute :)
HellsBells - | 3
25 Nov 2007 #43
Hi Tele ....
How do you connect your internet connection to your TV?? On do you use your PC unit?
OP telefonitika
25 Nov 2007 #44
I use on PC only the jlc software ... as i am awaiting delivery of a cyfra+ satellite decoder as i have the dish up outside :) for the television

But there is a way to connect up to the tv but someone more pc tech will advise on this
ah bob
7 Feb 2008 #45
hi hellsbells i think you can issue apermite to install sat dish in front of your house you need 80 cm dish to recieve hot bird @ 13' E and then you will have to bye polsat 2 card and cam,thats what i do at home
Jonesyboy - | 4
2 Feb 2010 #46
Hello all,
New here, found this forum while trying to find out what I need to do to get Polish TV here in the UK. Currently I have an analogue TV which obviously I'll need to change at some point. I'm not a big TV watcher and so have not got any form of satellite/cable equipment. I am trying to learn Polish and figure Polish TV will be a help. I'm also loathe to spend tons of money on a satellite system which offers me loads of programmes I don't want! I'm also fairly capable with tools and so I'm happy to do my own installation and so my question is this:

What is the most cost effective way of achieving the above aim and where would be the best place to buy the necessary hardwear?

I will be travelling to Poland twice this year (on one ocassion to get married) and so arranging for a Polish subscription to a Polish address shouldn't be a problem, I'm sure future in-laws will be happy to oblige. Anyone able to give me the low down, it would be much appreciated, probably more so by my future wife!

PS I have tried watching Polish TV on line but I find the picture quality doesn't seem to be that great and the reception seems to drop out from time to time depending on what channel is being viewed.

Dziękuje bardzo.
Wroclaw Boy
2 Feb 2010 #47
I am trying to learn Polish and figure Polish TV will be a help.

Why dont you just download Polish material? watch it over and over again, like a comedy series for example, i always find the acting in such TV gives clues for what they are saying.

Theres plenty of web sites were you can download anything you want for free.
Jonesyboy - | 4
2 Feb 2010 #48
Hi Wrocław boy.

That may be one way to go but it would limit me to watching on the PC which, for me isn't the most relaxing way of doing things as my PC isn't in the greatest location in the house for comfortable viewing, I figured TV would offer more relaxing viewing and I found, despite my language limitations I quite liked the small amount of live TV I saw while in Poland over Christmas. I also find that trying to watch anything on a laptop is a bit of a pain, particularly when two of you are trying to view the same screen. TV isn't so limited.

By the way, I visited Wrocław while in Poland over Christmas, liked the city a lot.

Wroclaw Boy
2 Feb 2010 #49
Since my time in Poland and the lack of a local DVD rental store ive become quite resourcefull in that department, i have a DVD player which plays mutiple versions of media, it also has a USB slot so i dont even have to burn to disc, i can put five full sized ripped films onto a 4gig memory card and watch through my TV as normal.

Even the cheapest dvd players cover most video formats the most common being avi, i assume your analogue TV is too old to plug the lap top in..

I actually have a few Polish satelite recievers hanging around, i dont use them but they might be of use to you.

With regard to you picking up actual Polish TV via a satelite, i know for a fact its easy i knew many Poles in the UK that had systems set up. I dont know how to do it or the frequncies, you should be able to find them though.
frd 7 | 1,399
2 Feb 2010 #50
What kind of Laptop do you have? If it does have VGA or HDMI port than it's really easy to hook it up to your TV a watch anything you want.. no need to buy additional DVD players then..
Jonesyboy - | 4
2 Feb 2010 #51
That's given me something to think about, thank you Wrocław boy and frd. My partners laptop ( I don't actually have one I use hers from time to time) is an HP. The telly, while analogue is probably 5 or 6 years old so it might have the right input sockets. I have a new but very cheap DVD connected to it, so I might be able to do something via that. The reason I was thinking of going the satellite route was that I'm shortly going to start decorating the living room anyway and it would be a good time to run cables etc. and simply make provision for the system.
frd 7 | 1,399
2 Feb 2010 #52
5 or 6 years, is it a CRT? if it is, it might still have old SCART socket.. if it does I wouldn't recommend plugging your laptop to it. Nothing should happen really but firstly you'd need a lot of cables to connect them, secondly the quality will be horrible. I'd be careful with these cheap DVD players, my parents were trying a few and changed them rather rapidly, they often don't read all types of DVD's and start malfuctioning early on. It's better to buy one proper DVD player such as Wroclaw mentioned with a possibility to plug in some outside memory. The player should have divx codecs to be able to play most of the (pirated/ripped ;) ) movies.

If you're gonna be changing your TV soon ( 50'' HD ready tv's are around 2500 zlotys already) it would be pretty comfortable to use the laptop and stream whatever you like from it... hd ready 720p or full hd 1080p would need a D-Sub or HDMI or a VGA video interface.
Jonesyboy - | 4
2 Feb 2010 #53
Yes, it's huge (as in the lump that sticks out of the back of it!) by todays standards. It was one of the few things my ex-wife left me with when we divorced and yes it has scart lead connectors and a whole host of other "holes". The only reason my new partner and I bought the cheap DVD was because we both had some DVD's and had nothing to watch them on. The cheap option was just to tide us over until we decide what television we are going to get when we can afford the spare cash to buy something and before the UK government turns off the analogue signal. Thanks for the info.
nobabody - | 10
3 Dec 2010 #54
ok its late 2010 and i'd like to get some polish tv channels via the satellite dish, my gf is Polish, i speak a little Polish and TV might help improve this too. we can get box/card etc registered to Polish address, i see we might need a 1m dish, what else? any suggestions for reputable installer? can it be done before Christmas (family visiting from Poland and don't speak English) or should i do it myself?
g60edition 6 | 175
3 Dec 2010 #55
You wont need a 1m dish.We have a 85cm dish and get 13.0 east Hotbird with 98% Quality and level.I have a polsat card and cam also a TNK card.For ease I would get a prepaid polsat box sent over as if you use a diffrenet set top box it will need a CAM slot or it will need to read conax for the TNK card

If you are handy with some bassic tools you can do the job yourself.You can get the dish,lnb,cable and f connectors from Maplins also a sat compass for little money.Where about are you?
nobabody - | 10
7 Jan 2011 #56
sorry for delay, i'm in larbert and didn't get it done before christmas. was in poland before christmas and got tvn box, telewisza na karte, £2 a month for 2years is a bargain surely!! was gobsmacked to discover supply and fit of 80cm dish for £75ish quid, so just goin with that, cheers for the advice though

got a normal sky dish and so far so good, no problem wi signal at all
shadley - | 1
20 Nov 2011 #57
Merged:Seeking help with Polish TV and SlingBox in London. Satellite?

Do you have Polish TV in London via satellite? We cannot install a dish at our apartment but have found a way to get Polish TV. We attach a decoder to YOUR dish (if it will take a second decoder), then attach a Slingbox and stream via the internet to our PC and TV.

Are you willing to help by having our decoder / slingbox in your home and connect to the internet. It won't cost you anything, other than the space, and we are willing to pay you a monthly amount for your help.

hudsonhicks 21 | 346
20 Nov 2011 #58
You *Might* have to do what millions of expat people living in foreign a country do.. Watch the native TV.

I know Freeview, SKY+ with it's 1000's of channels entertainment/movies/sport, and the world renowned BBC might be slumming it a little.. but maybe you can source your favorite Polish shows on youtube, or the web?
6 Feb 2012 #59
I found the the best solution for me here:
Now I can watch more than 30 channels and no satellite dish, all from Internet. The quality is excellent and they also give access to 14-day video archive . Highly recommended.
g60edition 6 | 175
7 Feb 2012 #60
got a normal sky dish and so far so good, no problem wi signal at all

Is that a zone 1 or zone 2 dish? Ive tried a zone 1 dish and it pulled in a poor signal when the weather was not so good.I only tried as it was a redundant dish on the house and have it hooked up in the spare room for when the in laws visit.I was thinking of changing it to a zone 2 as they are a larger dish

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