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Cancer treatment / healthcare on NHS in UK?

kenwok 1 | -
9 Aug 2010 #1
Has anyone had experience of coming to the UK specifically for planned treatment on the NHS?
My Polish friend whom I met when she was working in UK (for 4 years) is now back living in Poland and has been diagnosed with breast cancer. She has just finished a course of treatment in Poland, but has now been told that she needs to be treated with the drug Herceptyna, but that she is not eligible to receive this drug for free on the NFK. This drug, however, is free on the NHS in UK.

As a UK citizen, I can go abroad for treatment in an EU country by applying via an S2 (E112) form - does my friend need to apply for an S2 in Poland to get free treatment in the UK, or should she just come to the UK and re-register with her previous GP (she does have an NI number)? or does she need to have a job in the UK to qualify for treatment?
szkotja2007 27 | 1,498
10 Aug 2010 #2
It isn't as simple as getting a job and re registering with a G.P. Particularly if she hasn't been registered for a while. I'm sorry that I cannot provide any worthwhile advice.

If she was to be seen by a specialist here, they would have to agree on a course of treatment, such as trastuzumab (Herceptin). It is possible they may have a professional difference. Your friends prognosis and personal circumstances would also need to be taken in to consideration.

I hope things work out for the best.
harogutthecat 2 | 4
28 Jul 2011 #3
Merged: NHS or Polish hospital to treat a serious injury?

hi, if you are a Polish National working in England and suffer a serious injury,which is operated by the NHS and you need follow up treatment but cannot afford to support yourself because you cant work, would you stop in England or go back to Poland to be with family . Would you stiil get treatment in Poland??
pip 10 | 1,659
28 Jul 2011 #4
Polish health care is fine.
PolishHolish - | 1
12 Feb 2013 #5
Merged: Can I get the EHIC for free health care in UK?

when I move to UK can I get the EHIC for free health care?

Also what is the taxation of the income?

thanks much very
Tim Bucknall 7 | 98
12 Feb 2013 #6
i'm 99.9% certain all EU citizens can get the EHIC

heres the income tax info

Good luck moving here, if you get a chance to visit the Peak district National Park (near Manchester & Sheffield) i recommend it, its my favourite part of England :-)

Cannock Chase (Near Birmingham) is nice too and thers the Katyn Monument to see

if you're ever in Congleton, Cheshire, send me an email :-)
Taylor5788 - | 9
2 Jun 2013 #7
All EEA and EU citizens are entitled to a EHIC card, but I believe you dont need one if you are working or studying in the UK. Pretty much only holiday-makers need them, I believe! My girlfriend is using an ISIC for health insurance :)
sobieski 107 | 2,128
2 Jun 2013 #8
From which country?

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