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polish auctions eu - Has anyone heard of them?

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29 Dec 2013 #1
Hi All. Merry Christmas!

I really need your help, im planning to buy a car from polish auctions .eu. It is a UK registered car but the salesman said the previous owner of the car was polish and brought it from the UK to Poland but never returned.

I am in the UK and im very hesitant as i dont know if they are a trusted company. Has anyone heard of them?

thank you all!
30 Dec 2013 #2
If it sounds too good to be true then it is

If it was bought to poland from the uk then chances are its out of mot and tax so driving it back is risky or they will offer to deliver it if you pay a deposit then they will vanish

the website looks very cheap and is written badly with google translated mistakes I would leave it well alone

people as a rule dont buy cars in poland to export to the west its typically the other way cars come to die in poland
4 Jan 2014 #3
Did you buy the car? I wont to buy a boat to sweden from same company.

Related: Do Auctioneers need to be registered and weather they need a license to operate in Poland

Does any one knows if Auctioneers need to be registered in Poland and whether they need a license to operate.

yes to both. they have exams and a registry. they are all still chances though, appointed by the seller and paid by the buyer. I don't know how it can be legal.

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