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UK, Ireland

The UK, Ireland, and Scotland have become a new home for many Poles. Track local news, life, and events! (page 5)

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Can anyone transport a car from Poland to Ireland?
Polish Lawyers in UK
6 - Merged: polish lawyer in uk or spain Does anyone know of any polish lawyers in UK or Spain...

UK, IrelandJakubBo - 28 Jun 2011 charlie2483 - 23 Aug 2015
Polish striking due to anti-Polish UK feeling  2
58 - AD.1 I call bollox. AD.2 I really, really hope you're not being serious here. AD.3...

UK, IrelandTryweryn - 7 Aug 2015 NocyMrok - 22 Aug 2015
× Are Polish people importing a new wave of ancient racism into the UK?  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12  13  14
402 - Merged: Why are Polish people so racist towards Asian and Black people when they come to the UK? ...

UK, Irelandallacces1 - 23 Jun 2010 fustercluck - 20 Aug 2015
Salary in London for experienced IT developer
CAN MY CHILD GET UK PASSPORT? No authorisation from father.
How can I get my Polish bank statement from abroad (UK)?
Dekoder problems in UK? Cyfrowy Polsat.
Polish Lessons / Polish tutor wanted in Manchester
Why can't unemployed Polish people on benefits just leave UK and go home please?  2  3  4  5  6  7  8
Help required with moving my art works and stuff from Scotland to Nowy Sacz
Single Polish women in Northampton?
What is the ONE thing that Polish people in UK have MOST problem with?
15 - Were you replying to me, well yes the problem with the system is the ones who commit fraud are...

UK, Irelandnuevopersona - 16 Jul 2015 ryouga - 21 Jul 2015
Pack from Ireland to Poland via An Post
16 - Yea, that could be a problem, I've explained to the owner of my local post office about it...

UK, Irelandjimenezvianney - 2 Jul 2015 smurf - 4 Jul 2015
Van hire - pick up Poland leave in UK, drive a rabbit back to UK
9 - Hello, When are you moving back to the UK? I am moving to Warsaw end of August so if...

UK, Irelandeandj - 12 Jun 2012 jonatortue - 26 Jun 2015
City management - differences between Poland and UK
Pronunciation help (Pawel) for sensitive social work issue
Nursing staff from Eastern Europe about to 'flood' into UK ?  2
45 - Does anyone know any recruitment agencies in the UK looking for carers?...

UK, IrelandCdogr90043 - 16 Jul 2010 pilgrimine - 18 Jun 2015
Polish people in Wales - some questions about living in the UK
19 - They're not your type - no wool ......

UK, Irelandwalesboy - 13 Jun 2010 Varsovian - 12 Jun 2015
Polish migrants provide a welcome boost for Southampton (The Polish mile)
English IP address to watch UK channels from Poland?
Question for UK Poles who voted in the last British elections - what party and why?
5 - I have voted Labour, Tories are good for the rich....

UK, IrelandWielkiPolak - 29 May 2015 Lolek222 - 30 May 2015
Moving to Cambridge - advice needed on Polish shops, church and community?
Romanian manual labour workers in the UK making Poles look bad.
12 - Romanian manual workers making POLES look bad????! Sure it isn't the other way 'round?...

UK, IrelandWroclaw Boy - 1 Mar 2014 Lyzko - 26 May 2015
Best location to open Polish shop in the UK
Polish plane almost kills off UKIP leader Nigel Farage in 2010.
24 - And won 2. Let's hope Farage sticks to his promise and resigns Plenty across the UK...

UK, IrelandWroclaw Boy - 27 May 2014 jon357 - 8 May 2015
Raising Bilingual Children - How are you teaching your children? Your experiences?  2
Does anyone know of any Polish Tutors teaching in the Berkshire, England area?
PLN to GBP - how to get the best possible rate for over 100K zloty?
21 - I certainly wouldn't change up too much at the moment. Wait for the GBP to weaken or the...

UK, IrelandZimmie - 27 Apr 2015 Wroclaw Boy - 27 Apr 2015
Polish prince challenges Nigel Farage to 18th Century-style duel
Scottish people in Poland
Bank transfer using Euros from Poland to England, UK
Polish songs for open mic in a Polish restaurant in UK
The Warsaw Connection; I am a recording engineer *Virtual Concert Hall Series*
Traveling by bus from Poland to the UK (how long)?
3 - But if you want to go from Lublin to Glasgow, make that more like 30 hours....

UK, Irelandselphinekyser - 23 Mar 2015 Harry - 23 Mar 2015
Can you drive from London to Poland in a UK hire car ? -
Research Request- Polish immigrant community in Ireland.
How to find a job in the UK coming from Poland?
8 - I would say it is mission (almost) impossible. My friend found a job this way but it was...

UK, Irelandn4din - 23 Feb 2015 peter_olsztyn - 25 Feb 2015
Enforcing Polish Child maintenance order in UK court
How to make my Polish friend's dad like me
25 - Hi it's me again. We are married now - thanks for the advice....

UK, Irelandhelpmeeeee - 19 Nov 2013 help meeee - 21 Feb 2015
Missing Poles in London, Sylwester Goralski or Goranski / Rynczak
I want to find an accredited Polish qualification in England.
Anyone used FHC dentist in Dublin?
Can Polish child get British passport? My daughter (13) lives with me in Scotland from 10 years.
2 - really I find that very odd. Perhaps you should go to the Citizen's Advice Bureau?...

UK, Irelandnikitajames - 29 Jan 2015 rozumiemnic - 29 Jan 2015
Renewal of British passport in Poland (how long does it take?)
UK properties owned and rented out by by foreign landlords and taxation rises sharply
Sad life of a Polish migrant in the UK. Ch. 5 - Racism  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9
The "Rodzina na swoim" program - do we qualify if we get married in the UK?
Information on a Polish children's home near Edinburgh, WW2 timeframe
Buying something from Polish site using an UK based Santander debit card
3 - It looks like PayPal [that I used] did the conversion without my bank having to do it, so hopefully...

UK, IrelandWielkiPolak - 15 Dec 2014 WielkiPolak - 15 Dec 2014
Poles working in Manchester, England - request for facts  2
34 - Maybe. Its a vote winner for sure. Do you disagree with that?...

UK, IrelandMarcus - 15 Feb 2010 Wroclaw Boy - 12 Dec 2014
Students exchange. Is it difficult to find school in UK where I can take practice?
3 - Thanks so much. I'll check it....

UK, IrelandAgnesRM - 11 Dec 2014 AgnesRM - 11 Dec 2014
Pakis VS Poles in the UK  2  3
62 - that is what I am saying they say they do. just because its named sharia its not means...

UK, IrelandWroclaw Boy - 20 Sep 2012 Blanketsniffer - 9 Dec 2014
Polish Vodka, spirituous - available in the UK?
The Guardian Newspaper looking to speak to Polish people who have recently arrived in the UK
My opinion on why Poles & English dislike each other
Help Renouncing UK Citizenship and gaining Polish one
24 - What is you nationality?...

UK, IrelandSzenkUK88 - 10 Mar 2010 Wulkan - 24 Nov 2014
Can a foreigner UK student get a Polish work permit from here in UK?
Recommend a courier/transport - Poland to UK

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