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Złote tarasy in Warsaw

Farop 3 | 16
16 Jun 2012 #1
Hey guys.

Anybody knows the Złote tarasy in Warsaw well enough? I need to confirm whether there exists a Victoria Secret shop or not.
olito 6 | 53
16 Jun 2012 #2
Victoria Secret does not exist in Poland at all, only way to buy their stuff is through allegro or second-hand dealers...
Turbolover - | 4
16 Jun 2012 #3
You're both partly right. The VS store is currently under construction in Złote Tarasy. It does not opeate yet, but it says that it'll be soon. The space for it is located on the ground floor near the entrance from Złota Street. It is covered by a pink banner with Candice Swanepoel on it and VS logo.
OP Farop 3 | 16
16 Jun 2012 #4
hope its done by AUgust, when im visiting Poland.

Sad I heard the store should have opened in May. But couldn't find it in the website of the mall. hence this topic. Thanks for the info man
olito 6 | 53
17 Jun 2012 #5
You are right Turbolover, check this website:

It says it will be open by summer this year

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