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How can I get from Wrocław, Dworzec POLBUS-PKS to airport? And to the PKP Main train station.

tahsin 1 | -
31 Mar 2012 #1
Hi guys,
I ll come to wroclaw by polskibus so my stop is Wrocław, Dworzec POLBUS-PKS. I wonder how can get the airport?
-bus,taxi etc.
-what does each cost?
-how many min. does it take each one?
Thank you in advance :)
InWroclaw 89 | 1,914
1 Apr 2012 #2
Just ask for directions to the 406 bus stop - destination sign will show the airport. Ticket is I think 3.50 or 4zl, from 01/05 the fares rise .,1.dhtml

Journey time is about 45 mins to 1 hour.

Nearest stop to you might be outside Renoma, by a lake or whatever it is. I think the buses go twice an hour to Wroclaw airport.

A taxi is about 40-50zl last time I enquired. Get a price quote before you book perhaps.

406 bus

Not sure if Dworcowa is the nearest, you will need to ask someone there if nobody else answers here on PF. Also check with the driver on the ticket you need, then validate it in the machine with the time on it. If you are just meeting someone at the airport, get a 24 hour ticket as that's cheaper
5 Apr 2015 #3
Merged: From Wrocław, Dworzec POLBUS-PKS to Main Train Station?


I will be coming to Wrocław by Polski Bus. After that, I need to get from Dworzec POLBUS-PKS, peron III to Main Train Station to catch my train. How can I get there? Bus? Taxi? How much it may cost? How long it takes? There is literally no information online :(

UncleGoodAdvice 1 | 28
5 Apr 2015 #4
It's 3mins walk. use for directions
9 Oct 2015 #5
Hello I am arriving at wroclaw airport at 12:05. I need to go to polbus-pks from there as soon as possible. Can anyone suggest cheapest and fastest way? Could I book a Taxi directly from airport to polbus-pks. I have to catch a bus top Prague at 16:15. Please help!
kpc21 1 | 763
9 Oct 2015 #6
First of all, the Polbus-PKS bus station doesn't exist any more, it has been closed for renovation. Buses are using temporary stops. There is a temporary bus station in a different location, and PolskiBus is using it too.

The temporary bus station is at the neighbourhood of the main train station, namely, behind it (within the block of streets: Sucha, Joannitów, Dyrekcyjna - see on Google Maps, watch the Street View).

Directly from the airport to the train station goes the bus 406. This is the timetable from the airport:

As you can see, it takes something like 40 minutes and the bus goes every 20 minutes. Let's say, you leave the airport 1 hour after the plane arrival (which should be much faster). 13:05. You take the bus 13:09. You are about 14:00 at the bus station and you have yet something like 2 hours left to eat something and as a precaution in case of a plane delay.

You can book a taxi, but I would recommend rather ordering it by a phone. There exist some taxi driver ("taxi mafia") who cheat foreigners by choosing a much longer route and they usually take people from just in front of the airport. If you are taking a taxi from there, look for such ones on which there are symbols of a company the specific taxi belongs to, together with a phone number.

Bus ticket costs 3 PLN (which is less than 1 EUR). Taxi - about 25 PLN (6 EUR). One of the cheapest taxi companies in Wrocław is Wicar.

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