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Upgrade of Warsaw - Zielonka - Bialystok train line (linia nr 6)

dr_rabbit 5 | 90
6 May 2016 #1
I am visiting Poland later this year and will be frequently catching the train from Warsaw to Malkinia to visit my wife's relatives then geading back to the city. I was wondering if anyone knows of a good source of information about the major upgrade currently happening on that line, when the direct route will be back in service (currently a huge dogleg diversion through legionowo, radzymin), and which sources mighg be useful for accurate/honest tineframes. My limited polish isn't getting me anywhere, and my wife can't figure it out.
kpc21 1 | 763
6 May 2016 #2
you can trace the current progress.

Polish, but there is always Google Translate.
OP dr_rabbit 5 | 90
6 May 2016 #3
Thanks, that is really useful.

Do you know when they are planning to reopen zielonka-wolomin?
kpc21 1 | 763
6 May 2016 #4
Even if there are any plans on that, I wouldn't count on doing it on time according to the announced time. If you don't find info on that there, you won't find it anywhere.
OP dr_rabbit 5 | 90
7 May 2016 #5
I know what you are saying kpc but if anyone knows what the official schedule is, and where that is published, please let me know.
kpc21 1 | 763
7 May 2016 #6
Here is a version from February 2014: - I have no idea if it has changed or not.

Seems that the official deadline is (or was) June 2016. As you can see in the posts below, even in that time people didn't believe that they will do it until 2016.

someone says that theoretically the end of the Tłuszcz-Zielonka section upgrade is with the end of 2016, so probably they extended the deadline. Others say that they will probably end the four-track section (Wołomin-Zielonka) in 2017.

I have asked the people there and that's what they answered:

Termin oddania odcinka Wołomin Słoneczna - Zielonka (LK21) to 1 lipca. Moim zdaniem powinni zdążyć.

The deadline for the section Wołomin Słoneczna - Zielonka (railway line No. 21) is July, 1st. In my opinion they should manage to do it on time.

Jeden tor może zdążą oddać, ale nie cały odcinek z pełną infrastrukturą. Dopiero jak przełożą ruch na tor lokalny (jeden tor, a nie oba) za kilka tygodni (a raczej już miesięcy), to zaczną rozbierać ostatni stary tor i budować tunele pod tą częścią torowiska.

Maybe they will manage to finish one track on time, but not the full section with full infrastructure. Only when they switch the traffic to the track for local trains (one track, not both), they will start to disassemble the old track and to build tunnels under this part.

Więc nie wiem, co miało być zakończone za trzy miesiące, ale na pewno nie będzie to odcinek Słoneczna - Zielonka.

So, I don't know, what is going to be finished in three months, but definitely not the Słoneczna - Zielonka section.
OP dr_rabbit 5 | 90
8 May 2016 #7
Great, thanks for that.

KPC, do you (or does anyone else) know what the schedule and timings are supposed to be for the InterCity trains (bialystok - malkinia - warszawa centralna) once the work between Zielonka and Tluszcz is finished? Also, are Koleje Mazowieckie trains from Tluszcz, Wolowin, Zielonka going to travel to Wwa Centralna or are they going to continue to go only to Wwa Wilenska?
kpc21 1 | 763
11 May 2016 #8
I suppose they will still end in Wileńska. Looking at the location of railway lines, if a train from Zielonka to Warsaw was supposed to finish at Warszawa Centralna/Śródmieście, it would have to omit Ząbki. And there is a subway station at Warszawa Wileńska, so it's a place well connected with the rest of the city.

I have no idea what are the planned timings. You may create an account on that forum and ask in that thread in English, explaining you cannot find that information - I think you should get an answer.

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