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Traveling from Warsaw to Podkowa Lesna, Czluchow

4 Feb 2012 #1
Hi i will be going to poland this summer and I want to know how to get to Podkowa Lesna by train from warsaw airport. I loved taking the train when I was little and want to save some money instead of taking taxi. I know exactly how to get to my destination from 2 different train stops in podkowa but how do I get there from the airport. Which direction? I speak polish but not perfectly. Do I go to the central station? Please help I will be traveling with my sister and I dont want to ruin her trip by getting lost.
4 Feb 2012 #2
Easy. Go to Warsaw Central train station by bus 175 or a cab (better, if licensed). Then follow signs for WKD trains, or ask someone where they stop. Buy a ticket at 7 PLN or so (one way) and be on your way to Podkowa L. They have both modern and ancient types of trains. Nevertheless they all get there on time :-)
9 Jun 2014 #3
Merged: Traveling from Warszawa (Warsaw) to Czluchow


on thursday 12th of June i'll have to travel from Chopin airport to the town of Czluchow. I prefer trains or buses but i don't where on the internet I can check for train or bus rides... Tnx in advance

jon357 63 | 15,193
9 Jun 2014 #4
This should help you:

A few possibilities, however not a short journey to Czluchow.

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