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Transport from Krakow to Wroclaw Coach or Train

17 Apr 2013 #1
Hi, I will be in Krakow very soon for a few days and then travel on to Wroclaw and fly back to the Uk from there, this will be my 3rd time in PL but the 1st time using trains or coaches, I have a few questions and would appreciate any answers

1. Coach or train,, 3 hrs vs 5.5 hrs travel time?

2. Should I try and get a ticket the first day I get to Krakow, do the services get full up?

3. If train, 1st class or 2nd class?

4. I have heard of the coaches taking bookings and then not having room on the coach when you turn up, is this true?

I would prefer to get the coach even though it probably wont have a toilet at least I wont waste half a day travelling on the train just to go 280k.

Many thanks.
jwojcie 2 | 763
18 Apr 2013 #2
I would go for a bus. There is a highway between both cities. Train take much longer (there is a couple of issues with this line).

As for 4. The preference is for those with the ticket. It is possible that the bus will be full.

You can use this site to check the buses:

It is possible though, that their data will not be fresh in some cases (ie on holidays sometimes it is better to call bus company directly).

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