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wildrover 98 | 4,451
12 Feb 2010 #1
Please give me a clue somebody...? Tomorow morning i need to get a train to Poznan , i think probably the nearest train station to me will be Drawsko pomorskie , although there is one also at Swidwin which is not too far from me...

Can anybody that can read Polish please check out where is the best place to catch a train to Poznan , what time they run , and how much it costs... It would also be handy to know if i can get a train direct , or have to change somewhere on route...

Can somebody please check this out for me and let me know as soon as possible.. thanks..
childwithin 8 | 136
12 Feb 2010 #2
i was travelling to poznan yesterday and i think the train was stopping at swidwin, but i'm not sure, wait for somebody more competent to post
OP wildrover 98 | 4,451
12 Feb 2010 #3
It would be neat if i can go direct from Swidwin to Poznan...
delphiandomine 88 | 18,430
12 Feb 2010 #4

There you go, they've got an English version too :)

(looks like a rubbish connection :( )
dnz 17 | 710
12 Feb 2010 #5
Have a look at they have the site in English too, you want to aim for Poznan Glowny.
childwithin 8 | 136
12 Feb 2010 #6
but i was also travelling from szczecin to gdynia and maybe it was this train that was stopping there...
OP wildrover 98 | 4,451
12 Feb 2010 #7
Well i am no wiser...i looked at the site the first bit in English , but as soon as i typed in the destination it reverted back to Polish...took me round in circles a few times , had me typing the same stuff over and over and getting nowhere....Like most things in Poland it works a little bit , enough to encourage you to persist , only to leave you wanting to throw the computer through the window...

I guess i shall just go to Swidwin and try my luck...probably to find somebody telling me there are no trains to Poznan..even if there are...!

Aha..i think i have found one...there is a train from Swidwin to Poznan..0928...but i am not sure if its telling me i need to change at Stargard..??? can anyne tell me if its direct , or do i need to change at stargard...??? I am not used to this catching trains thing...Only done it once , and very nearly did not jump off the train in time to make the change when going to Gdansk to catch a plane...!
delphiandomine 88 | 18,430
12 Feb 2010 #8
Use the link I gave you, the English site works properly on there :)
OP wildrover 98 | 4,451
12 Feb 2010 #9
yeah , got that thanks...found a train at 0928...just not sure if i need change at Stargard...? Oh hang on..yep , i get off at Stargard , then wait an hour for anther train to Poznan...Sussed it....hopefully...? thanks guys.....
Rogalski 5 | 94
12 Feb 2010 #10
If you have time to kill at Stargard, be sure to catch the tannoy announcements which include various bird noises designed (presumably) to frighten off the resident pigeon population. They don't work but they are a blast.

And yes, you have to change in Stargard with just under an hour's wait, according to the timetable. Though that's not a bad thing given that the trains on that line don't always run to schedule ...
delphiandomine 88 | 18,430
12 Feb 2010 #11
One thing - the trip there, it's no problem as the whole journey is on TLK trains. On the way back, make sure that if you use different types of trains, then you buy seperate tickets for each part of the journey. For instance, if the trip to Stargard is on a TLK train and then the next part is on an Osobowy or Interregio train - then you'll need seperate tickets.

It's a minefield, I know!
OP wildrover 98 | 4,451
12 Feb 2010 #12
Thanks folks...the journey back won,t be on a train....i shall be tootling back to my farm in a Polish Maluch collected from my friend DNZ...if it does not get lost in the snow...?
OP wildrover 98 | 4,451
13 Feb 2010 #14
There is a fine line between bravery and stupidity....not sure which side of it i am...?
Ajb 6 | 232
13 Feb 2010 #15
On the side of bravery i think.... i wish you good luck!
OP wildrover 98 | 4,451
14 Feb 2010 #16
Well..! definatly an epic journey...i will tell you all about it later...right now i just need to sleep....
dnz 17 | 710
14 Feb 2010 #17
glad you got home ok? We tried calling you but couldn't get through,
OP wildrover 98 | 4,451
15 Feb 2010 #18
The Maluch made it almost all the way to my house...! Had to stop and pump up the rear tyre twice on the way , but for some reason it stayed up the second time....Just near Walz the front tyre went flat , no problem i thought , just pump it up...errr no , the dam valve had torn out of the tyre , no matter , fit the spare tyre....No matter how i tried i could not repair the jack that was in the car , so , sod it , i drove on with the flat tyre at a very slow pace....I got about 30 kms from my farm when the front tyre decided it had suffered enough abuse and it came off the rim...! I managed to find a village farm where i could leave the beast , and called a friend to come and get me....

I now have to find a spare Maluch wheel or two and go over and get my little beasty....I was sure it was gonna make it all the way , but , not so far off....

I quite enjoyed driving the Maluch , definatly a change from Jeeps , Landrovers , and Rangerovers...can,t wait to go and get it home for a service and spruce up...I think my mobile has gone duff...not had a peep out of it since i left Poznan...!
Ajb 6 | 232
16 Feb 2010 #19
I quite enjoyed driving the Maluch

Not a very common thing to hear from Maluch owners!

I'm surprised it got so far, i can't wait to come up and have a spin :)
dnz 17 | 710
16 Feb 2010 #20
They are great fun to drive if you don't need to really go anywhere, With a set of wider wheels and the addition of anti roll bars they would handle quite well. I guess polish tyres don't like sitting for any length of time,

Anyway enjoy the little beast :) Have you discovered the rev counter with the LEDs yet? Its somewhere in the footwell and is connected i forgot to mention it.
OP wildrover 98 | 4,451
19 Feb 2010 #21
Well . to complete the saga....I rode my Harley on the icey roads over to the farm where my little beasty had been left in the loving care of a Polish family , intending to change the damaged tyre , put some oil in it and drive it home.....It was dam cold on the Harley , and i went on my ass once on a patch of ice i did not spot in time , thankfully without damage to the bike , and eventually arrived at the farm in the village of Novo Laski to discover that the tyre had already been changed , the oil topped up , and the car started up to charge the battery....what nice people...! They even fed me a hot meal while i was there... can,t be bad... The Maluch made it at last all the way to my farm without any further drama , although it was losing a lot of oil from somewhere near the exhaust which is not uncommon on Maluchs and may be a missing exhaust bracket bolt , nothing serious anyways....Now i have to go again and get my Harley back from there..????
Steveramsfan 2 | 306
19 Feb 2010 #22
Drawsko Pomorskie aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaggggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

don't mention that place.
OP wildrover 98 | 4,451
19 Feb 2010 #23
Not an ex soldier are you....?
Steveramsfan 2 | 306
19 Feb 2010 #24
Not Ex.

The mosquitoes there are deadly. They bite through trousers and shirts.
OP wildrover 98 | 4,451
19 Feb 2010 #25
Ah , that will be one of those Ukrainian devils visiting from the Chernobyl area...! I got bitten by one in the forest just south of Chernobyl , and the lump it left on my arm is still there four years later...They have some pretty mean horseflies around Drawsko too , those things really do have a good bite...

I guess you have already discovered that the British army insect reppellent is no use whatsoever...?

Spent many a happy hour in the Vendetta pitza place in Drawsko and the nearby bar with Brit soldiers and civilian staff over here for the joint exercises...Did you manage to get to the Hotcat night club before it was posted off limits....?
Steveramsfan 2 | 306
19 Feb 2010 #26
The stuff that repels mosquitoes repels skin too, it just falls off.

The new stuff just attracts more. I nearly went crazy lying still for 1 hour with constant buzzing and biting.

My legs were swollen so much they would not bend. After 5 days i was used to them and the swelling did not appear.

I did not fall in love with Poland from visiting that area :(

Has the area improved in the last few years? I was last in Drawsko in 2001.
strzyga 2 | 993
19 Feb 2010 #27
.Now i have to go again and get my Harley back from there..????

seems so. Drive the Maluch and get back on Harley. Take a day of rest and repeat the operation. In this way, you might get a free hot meal every second day - not bad, eh? :)
OP wildrover 98 | 4,451
19 Feb 2010 #28
Nah..Drawsko is still pretty much the same , apart from the fact that the only life in the place , the pitza place has closed down , not sure if its just for winter refurbishment , or if its permenant..? The Vendetta , and the bar with the giant beer bottle outside were just about the only action in Drawsko , apart from the church...!

a free hot meal every second day Now theres an idea....i wonder if i could keep it going till my Russian lady gets here in the summer...?
strzyga 2 | 993
19 Feb 2010 #29
.i wonder if i could keep it going till my Russian lady gets here in the summer...?

the question is, could the Maluch keep it going?
Steveramsfan 2 | 306
19 Feb 2010 #30
Its not being used by NATO at the moment, I think its being left for a couple of years to recover, let more trees grow and the tracks to get grassed over.

I think thats why the bars are closed.

I'm trying to get a permanent posting there but i think its just a pipe dream.

It would make trips to see my gf easier though :)

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