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Suggest me some good clubs/bars in Warsaw

Leanyn 1 | 1
27 Nov 2012 #1
Previously I was studying that I only know students clubs, with cheap drinks and loud music.

Now I really need to get some new friends who are also working.

Could anybody suggest me some place to go?
Pako Lorente UK - | 5
27 Nov 2012 #2
Piwna Kompania in the Old town

Try here for a spectacular meal.... never been disappointed yet!
OP Leanyn 1 | 1
27 Nov 2012 #3
Thanks I've been there a lot of times, definitly a great place for food.

But...I'm looking for adviseries for clubs/bars right now..
Zibi - | 336
27 Nov 2012 #4
Utopia (straight friendly)

Syreni Śpiew
Cafe Kulturalna

There are many more. How about checking out Warsaw Insider (available at news stands or online)
Mrleick - | 4
5 Oct 2013 #5
Merged: Warszawa - good clubs and bars for 18-25 old?

Hello me and my friend are going to Warszawa tomorrow for 1 week to have fun we are both 18 and 20 years old and come from denmark

Can anyone recommend any good Clubs and bars with people around our age / And if anyone is interested in joining us showing us around feel free :)

Thanks you in advance.
Wlodzimierz 4 | 544
5 Oct 2013 #6
Probably you'll have better luck at the bigger night spots. As in Kobenhavn, many younger people will know some English:-)
Mrleick - | 4
5 Oct 2013 #7
And also another question we are staying for 7 days / and our budget allows us to drink for 500-600pln is that realistic?
Wlodzimierz 4 | 544
5 Oct 2013 #8
Don't compare Warszawa with DK, 'cuz there's NOOOOOO comparison. Honestly, euros/crowns with złoty isn't fair. Sounds realistic I guess at a slightly upscale place in the center of town. If you're from the Danish capital, you'll be spending less for the same as you'll pay in Poland, of that I'm pretty certain:-)

Anyway, god tur!
Mrleick - | 4
5 Oct 2013 #9
Thanks, i think we will try to focus on finding some student bars mayby :)
Wlodzimierz 4 | 544
5 Oct 2013 #10
A smarter choice:-)

Incidentally, from where in Danmark are you all? Curious because I spent my first teen summer abroad eons ago in Northern Jutland. Oh, I also "passed through" Kobenhavn, but didn't stay as long as I would've liked:-)

Never got as far as the Polish capital, unfortunately. Got stuck in some backwater near the German border with my German girlfriend at the timeLOL
Mrleick - | 4
5 Oct 2013 #11
We are both from København, and i would totally recommend you to go there Again it's kinda expensive in denmark though. :)
Zibi - | 336
6 Oct 2013 #12
Go to Parkingowa street and check all the places around.
Wlodzimierz 4 | 544
6 Oct 2013 #13
Tak for anbefalningen! Thanks for the rec. I loved the Danish capital from when I was there last. A shame somewhat that it's globalized a bit since I was first there; the Hotel Angleterre near Kongens Nytorv (???) is no longer around, I've been told, plus much of Stroget looks more like Abu Dabi than Denmark etc..

Nonetheless, I loved the people, the language and, of course, the Danish summer:-)

Is this your first time in Poland, by the way?
Go' fornojelse!
tatotato - | 1
25 Jul 2014 #14
Merged: In September I will be in Warsaw; English speaking people, places for clubbing

it s a bussines trip for a week. I would like to know where I can meet local people speaking english? where is the best places for clubbing?
26 Jul 2014 #15
A lot of Warsawians speak English; more than you now may expect ;). Just make sure not to take a random taxi from the airport ; ). As always in Poland - start with the Rynek (marquet square) area, even though Warsaw is a modern city so you don't have to be in a special location to meet nice new Poles.
24 Apr 2017 #16

Bests clubs/bars to meet young girl in warszawa?

Ok, I am bored and not have much to do, any suggestions for clubs/bar?
jon357 72 | 21,387
25 Apr 2017 #17

The guides or brownies come to mind, however you should be aware of the legal age of consent. If you want to meet a young woman rather than a young girl there are plenty of discotheques round town.

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