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What to do with six hours to spend in Wrocław?

sobieski 107 | 2,128
24 Mar 2015 #1 I know Wrocław from 1989 (when I was there first time)...Haven't been there for 12 years. Which are the nicest places to have a dinner in the Old Town these days... ? Or to have a drink ? There used to be the Spiż brewery below the City Hall....

Booked on impulse a Ryanair domestic ticket from Warsaw for my loved one's birthday. Both she and I have strong memories from the city....

As I wrote in the heading, it's only six hours (and then back to our everyday life in Warsaw)...any suggestions ? Has to be a quiet half day without running around (not "If this is Monday, it has to be Warsaw")
Looker - | 1,114
24 Mar 2015 #2
I found an interesting article "Wroclaw in one day" - it is worth to read it.

At the beginning - It is worth to see Wroclaw from the air. At the market, there are two churches, it's easy to get in to their towers and enjoy the view.
First, the Garrison Church, located just off the historic tenements "Jaś i Małgosia". The church tower measures 90 meters in height, and on its peak one can get by spiral staircase, surrounded by three-meter thick wall. From the top there is a view for the skyline of Wroclaw, you can see the Oder, the market and the streets around the center, as well as other areas of the city including the Sky Tower skyscraper, the Cathedral on Ostrów Tumski or Wroclaw University edifice.

Right next to the Centennial Hall is a charming pergola, a favorite place primarily for young couples, often used for open-air weddings. From spring till autumn on the pergola also works the multimedia fountain - the admission to the show is free, but about every hour you can listen the music and see the water stunts.
Centennial Hall itself, along with a pergola is located in the Szczytnicki Park, the largest park in Wroclaw. In the park, we can see the Japanese Garden, especially in the spring, when the nature flourishes.
The park itself is well worth a visit, if only for a moment. There is about 400 species of trees, charming walkways and bridges, as well as the church of St. John of Nepomuk.
lateStarter 2 | 45
24 Mar 2015 #3
If you only have 6 hrs, just hit the rynek area and perhaps the islands. Botanical garden is one of my favorites but probably too early in the year. It will be interesting to hear your observations about what has changed. I hope the weather will be nice for your trip. I worked there for 4 years and kind of fell in love with the place.
24 Mar 2015 #4
I ate at this restaurant and the food was really good:

There used to be the Spiż brewery below the City Hall....

It was still there a couple of years ago.

Botanical and Japanese gardens are well worth seeing, but they're pretty weather dependent.
You could take a stroll around Ostrów Tumski and stick a padlock on Tumski Bridge on the way :)
Personally I wasn't that impressed with the multimedia fountain.
nathanifill - | 2
6 Feb 2017 #5
For a free suggestion, go gnome hunting! See how many of the little metal gnomes you can get photos with.

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