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Roadworks on E67 - schedule?

18 Mar 2012 #1
Does anyone have information how long the roadworks are going to take on E67 somewhere Rawa Mazowiecka to Warsaw stretch? Last time been on that road in October 2011 and at that point there was a lot of road and bridge works going on.
Artur - | 13
27 Mar 2012 #2
Nobody knows for sure. For now part from Rawa Mazowiecka to Mszczonów is under construction, the next part from Mszczonów to Warsaw is yet on preparation stage. It may be even 2014 year when it will be ready...

In attachements is the official, current map (from march 21th) of roads in Poland: the red lines means roads under construction, the black - already in use, green - public auction stage, and grey - preparation stage.

OP Guest
30 Mar 2012 #3
Very useful, thank you.

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