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Recommendations for places to stay in Zakopane

artbasia 2 | 2
10 Apr 2015 #1
My wife ( Polish-American ) and I will be attending a relative's wedding in Warszawa this summer but plan to spend some time in Zakopane afterwards. We are looking for recommendations on places to stay. Suggestions ? Dziękujemy !
Looker - | 1,135
10 Apr 2015 #2
Check these sites - Zakopane accomodation ads, it may give you a closer idea what you are looking for:[]=Entire+home%2Fapt&room_types[]=Private+room&ss_id=elt1am26
20 Apr 2015 #3

I run a small a tour and accommodation company in Zakopane. Check out our website Email me from there what you're looking for and I'll be happy to help. Kind regards
Magdalene_rose - | 3
28 Apr 2015 #4
I recommend place called "Willa Gryf", it a nice place near city center, the prices are affordable and it's generally a really good place to stay if you're looking for good value for money.

Related: Wellness hotel in Zakopane?

Could anybody recommend me a hotel in Zakopane which offers some sort of recreation, wellness N stuff?
Any input would be much appreciated.

There are all-sorts of thermal spa resorts in the mountains (lots of geothermal energy) , don't just look at Zakopane.
istannbullu34 1 | 105
17 Dec 2015 #6
Hello everyone,

I want to go for a short trip, for a few days, to rest a little and for sightseeing. I prefer mountainous areas in the south apart from Zakopane as I had been there. Would you recommend any city, town to go and spend a few days, any place nice like Zakopane or maybe even better that you think?
jon357 72 | 21,302
26 Jan 2016 #7
Merged: Largest Ice Maze Ever Built In Zakopane, Poland

The Giant Maze in Zakopane, Poland, will cover more than 27,000 square feet when it is completed by the 40 workers
Labyrinth hopes to steal the record title of largest ice maze from the Arctic Glacier Ice Maze by doubling its size
Being installed beside the Great Krokiew ski jumping venue, the ice tunnels will be the largest of their kind on Earth

Normally, I don't much like Zakopane (except for the views of the mountains) but this actually looks worth a visit. If it doesn't melt right away, it'll be the largest in the world.

26 Jan 2016 #8
Remember. If you're lost in labirynth always turn left lol

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