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Recommendations for Krakow and Myślenice

SeanBM 35 | 5,808
11 Sep 2008 #1
Recommendations for Krakow and Myślenice

Part 1Krakow.

Krakow is a beautiful example of a medieval city.
There is a castle (Wawel) on a hill standing guard over the city (Wawel castle Wikipedia)
There was a mote around the castle and city limits, encompassing the massive market square.
The mote is filled in with soil now and has trees growing on it. It is the green bit on the map.
The river (Wisła) used to go round the castle on three sides for defensive purposes.


Krakow was the Capital of Poland and has retained its grandeur even through all the wars Poland has seen.

Currency = Zloty.
Poland is set to join the Euro in 2012 (we'll see about that).
Krakow's population was 756,336 in 2007.
There are many huge Universities, so during the academic year, there are many third level education students about.

Average temperature in Summer is 30.(Celsius) and usually lasts 6 months.
Average temperature in Winter is minus 15 (Celsius) and usually last for 3 months.
It should be noted that it is a very dry cold and very little wind, so it is not as uncomfortable as Ireland during winter (clothes dry out of the washing machine in a matter of hours) ;)

If you are flying in to Krakow (Balice Airport).
I recommend you take the free bus that will bring you to the express light train.
The train will take to the train station in the centre of Krakow (cost 6 Zloty).
It leaves you in the top right of the map above.

Have a pair of walking shoes and walk all over, the market square and go down the winding streets, around the Wawel castle and along the Wisla river back up to the old Jewish quarters (Kazimierz).Go into the various Churches, Museums and cafes. There are lots of wonderful things to see and do.

There are floating bars and restaurants on boats anchored on the river behind the Wawel castle but be careful Polish beer is stronger than the stuff you get in Ireland and you can drink it like water. It should cost about 6/7 PLN for a half litre, this price is considered expensive but what you get you could not put a price on.

For night life I am a bit out of practice and I always go to "Alchemia" (ENG: The alchemist) in the Jewish quarters, all taxi drivers will know the place, it is around a small Jewish market square and the place is hopping with bars, a very cool area and a very cool bar with music downstairs.

There are a load of places, each better than the next.
Krakow has lots of Jazz in the cellar bars with their vaulted brick ceilings.

I recommend going on the Crazy tours
This tour offers a wacky animated look at the day to day life during communism.
I went recently and it is not to be missed.
It is the communist tour of Nowa huta, a communist built (steal works) city beside Krakow.
It is near impossible for someone outside of communism to get a feel for what it was like but there is no harm in trying.

It is a laugh.

There are no stripe clubs that i know of but there are several casinos.

Also worth mentioning
Auschwitz the German concentration camp used during World War 2
I recommend seeing this on your way out of the country, it is depressing of course and Poland has so much more to offer :)

And Wieliczka Salt Mine
There is a full Cathedral carved out of salt that the salt miners used to use.
Complete with statues and engravings, even the chandlers are made of salt.


If anyone has any questions or comments please feel free to add to this thread.

This thread is going to be in three parts, Krakow, Myślenice .

I am not a tour operator, I am Irish and live here in Poland. I enjoy it here very much and wish simply to share whay I have found.

Myślenice, Poland

35 Km south of Krakow, is Myślenice Myślenice Wikipedia
Here's a site with Photos of Myślenice
In the centre is a beautiful old Market square, just a short walk from the bus stop.
Surrounding the town are mountains, forest, rivers and lakes.

Population 20,261 in 2007.
This place is for the out doors adventurous types.
Or for people who want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of big cities.
It costs 4:50 Zloty by bus from Krakow to Myślenice
Buses leave all day everyday, fewer on Sunday though.
But I would recommend cycling to all these places.

This is in Polish but you'll be able to figure it out from the images, I am sure.
Kraków - Myślenice - Zarabie - Strefa Wolnego Czasu

Paint balling at Face 2 Face (will be in English soon)
Motor biking Down hill contest Myślenice


Summer and Autumn
Skiing facilities in Winter
Skate park (they are building a new one with a half pipe),

Fishing in the Raba river (you need a licence or camouflage),

Beach volleyball, Swimming in the river, swimming pool (indoor and out),
Tennis courts,

Football s Concert in Zarabie, stadium (not the biggest at a guess max 10,000 people),
Big concerts

Hikes with 100's of walking treks and bicycling paths through forest and mountains,
Walks up the Beskid mountains


I would also recommend this place for people with children, there are tiny bumper cars for very small children and play grounds.

There are lots of bars and a few night clubs (if you like deafening music).
There is also one very good bar in the centre of Myślenice,
just off the picturesque Market square,
outside of Krakow the beer cost 5 Zloty,
if you are around and you're sound I'll meet up for an old pint.

Myślenice has a hell of a history too.
There is a museum I recently discovered that shows the Nazis driving down the road burning the houses.
They are always finding guns, shells and kind of tanks (I did not understand that bit).

Private accommodation (noc legi)
Costs about 60 Zloty for a three bed room with on-suite and a shared kitchen.
Most of these are newly renovated to a good standard.
Price is per room not per person there are also hotels.

You'd swear I work for the tourist board ha ha ha,

One more thing the people here are great, very friendly and if you know Irish people they are very similar to them.
11 Sep 2008 #2
very good...thanks ...
11 Sep 2008 #3
Cheers on that ... :)

Useful to know ... :)
OP SeanBM 35 | 5,808
11 Sep 2008 #4
I'll add in another thread about hiking up the mountains in and around Myślenice. Just to have all the info on one thread.

I also recommend cycling the whole thing from Krakow to Myślenice maybe to Rabka and to Zakopane. It is roughly about 100Km from Krakow to Zakopane. It would be a great cycle when you hit Myślenice which is only 35 K from Krakow and there are even natural hot springs on the way. I will try to get out to them ha ha ha of course, maybe in winter it would be really nice...If I do I will put my comments on here.

Here is another link to another "travel advisory" about travelling from Krakow to Zakopane. I have not read it in detail yet but thought I'd stick it in any way. Hope you find it useful.

Is this easy to read? I have not written this kind of thing before and would appreciate constructive comments.
10iwonka10 - | 395
11 Sep 2008 #5
You made me a bit nostalgic. I am from Krakow and spent lots summers in Myslenice. It is a nice place still undiscover by foreign tourists.
11 Sep 2008 #6
Myslenice. It is a nice place still undiscover by foreign tourists.

true...and hopefully it will stay that way...
11 Sep 2008 #7
ill try not to be a tourist then :)
OP SeanBM 35 | 5,808
11 Sep 2008 #8
true...and hopefully it will stay that way...

Hopefully America will remain undiscovered ;0)
11 Sep 2008 #9
ill try not to be a tourist then :)

you have to go and see so you'd be familiar with the neighborhood ;)

Hopefully America will remain undiscovered ;0)

no way... it ain't a virgin
OP SeanBM 35 | 5,808
24 Oct 2008 #10
I found this on youtube and thought I'd post it here to give you all a better idea of Krakow.
Two things definitely worth noting are, the poster gallery they go to.
Which is one of my favourite places with Polish posters and pictures that are truly unique.
And one of my favourite drinks, Szrlotka meaning "apple pie", which is a mixture of -ubrówka Vodka, and apple juice. -ubrówka should only be drunk with apple juice but be warned it is deceptively smooth.

OP SeanBM 35 | 5,808
24 Oct 2008 #12

Not at all.
I know you miss Krakow, when I moved away for a few years so did I.
You'll be back soon and Krakow will be waiting for you :)

I want to give more info on Krakow, Myślenice and Zakopane.
I was thinking of lasing my own photos and experiences with things I find relevant on the net.

Perhaps Admin will even move my photos of Krakow here?
24 Oct 2008 #13
some funny stories to share with us?
OP SeanBM 35 | 5,808
24 Oct 2008 #14
Yes, lots but I am much better at talking than typing, I am a fairly animated story teller, when I get going ha ha ha.

Like a mate of mine years ago here in Krakow, thought that Mr. Słownik was Poland's greatest author, he is in every bookshop?
time means 5 | 1,309
19 Nov 2008 #15
very informative. as for the beer on my last trip to krakow i paid 10.5 for a large beer (in the main square) good post, whens the next one?
OP SeanBM 35 | 5,808
19 Nov 2008 #16
I would like to tell you about the Jewish quarters (Kazimierz).
Situated south east of Krakow main square about 20 minutes by foot.

People of the Jewish faith fleeing persecution in many countries were asked by the king of Poland to move here permanently.
They lived and prospered here for 500 years.
Until Hitler had other plans for them :(

[] (Krakow in your pocket), about Jewish quarters.

There are two squares in the Jewish quarters. A short walk away from each other, with synagogues and museums all over this area.

The first square is Plac Nowy.
It is hopping with people, the funky part of town with enough pubs to suit everybody's tastes.
This place is cool and worth a look and a few nights out.
Every Taxi driver will know this place.
There are often festivals here.

The second square/cobbled wide street is in Szeroka street.
There are several Jewish restaurants here to choose from.
I recommend Ariel (Jewish restaurant they often have live Jewish music, simply great!
(The police station is on this street)

So basically a great night out is to have some great food in Szeroka street,
with an amazing atmosphere and live music and from there just a short walk to Plac Nowy.
This is a guaranteed great night out !

Accommodation in Krakow varies in price depending on season, location and availability.

I have not stayed in any of these places, these are not recommendations, just websites I have compiled for you to see for yourself.
If you have stayed in Krakow and you recommend the place, please tell us the know the price per night and a it's name.

Here are some web Krakow hotels:

Sodispar Apartments, Hotels Krakow, Hostel Yellow, Sheraton Hotel, Radisson SAS.

Again, if anyone has anything to add or questions, just post them on here.
One thing I would like on here is more photos of the Krakow. A picture tells a thousand words, so it will save me on typing :) I will take my time and try to do the same thing I did here with the next two parts.

  • Plac Nowy
OP SeanBM 35 | 5,808
8 Dec 2008 #17
Pictures I took earlier of Krakow's market square.
Double click on it to enlarge the image.

P.S. I am playing with some new programs, do not fear the market square is flat.

LondonChick 31 | 1,133
8 Dec 2008 #18
Wow, Sean.... do you fancy getting some of this stuff published?
OP SeanBM 35 | 5,808
8 Dec 2008 #19
I took this earlier today. in a bar, on the market square in Krakow in Poland

Not very good camera work but just for fun :)

I have lots more that I would like to add.

And if anyone has anything to contribute, please do.
10 Dec 2008 #20
Thanks for the info
OP SeanBM 35 | 5,808
13 Dec 2008 #21
This is the famous Krakow market square.
In the centre of the square is the Sukinnice (cloth market) the building in the middle of the photo.
It houses many stalls that sell all sorts of polish produce.

OP SeanBM 35 | 5,808
13 Dec 2008 #22
In the centre of the market square in Krakow is the Sukinnice (cloth market).

OP SeanBM 35 | 5,808
13 Dec 2008 #23
There are also outside markets in the market square during the Christmas and Easter period.

They sell hot mould wine, lots of handmade crafts and famous Polish cuisine.

The bread looking things (the last pic) are actually different types of smoked/sheep/goat/cow milk cheeses.

OP SeanBM 35 | 5,808
13 Dec 2008 #24
There is also a stage set up for various Christmas carols and singing.

OP SeanBM 35 | 5,808
4 Jan 2009 #25
The Chełm mountain and ski resort in Myślenice is a great place to go.
There is a ski lift that can take you up the mountain (Take aprox 20 mins) or a free bus from the bottom to the ski resort Zarabia sport

But the best is to walk it and up the top is a restaurant/bar.

I have not skied there and I think it is fairly expensive but I have never checked but I have been told. And yesterday the condition of the slope was not great.

OP SeanBM 35 | 5,808
15 Feb 2009 #26
Here is a clearer map of Krakow's Castle, market square and the green part around it (the old moat). And the Jewish quarters in the bottom right.

Map of Krakow

Also Check Cracow-life. They have up to date events, pubs, clubs, places to sleep, shopping, museums and art galleries etc...

Also for news in English about Krakow, check the free newspaper Krakow Post.You can find it at the airport and various tourist information offices. It is not a fantastic paper but some of the articles are of interest.
21 Feb 2009 #27
My family will be visiting Krakow in May this year. Does anyone know if there are any football (soccer) games during 24-29 May? How would I go about finding them? Are the games safe (no hooligans) for my family?

Thanks in advance.
OP SeanBM 35 | 5,808
13 Mar 2009 #28
I recommend going on the Crazy tours.
This tour offers a wacky animated look at the day in the day life during communism.
Not to be missed.
It is the communist tour of Nowa Huta, a communist built (steal works) city beside Krakow.
It is near impossible for someone outside of communism to get a feel for what it was like but there is no harm in trying.

It is a laugh.

crazy guides - trabant tour in krakow:

Crazy Guides Communism Tours in Krakow (in the polish Language)
lexi 1 | 176
13 Mar 2009 #29
I always go to "Alchemia

I just love that place , infact I just love Kaszmierz. I have to say I have come out of what was the "Old Drukarnia", a few doors along from Alchemia at 4 in the morning, and daylight had appeared, a beautiful sight. Did you ever visit the Drukarnia., I was the only British person there I think, had some wonderful conversations, met some great polish people . It was a great time, but I believe it has changed considerably now.
OP SeanBM 35 | 5,808
13 Mar 2009 #30
I just love Kaszmierz.

Yeah it is great there, you should come over for the Jewish festival, great craic.

a few doors along from Alchemia at 4 in the morning,

There are loads of bars there now.
I try to pub crawls but I can never remember where I have been and I always end up in Alchemia ha ha ha.

I was the only British person there I think, had some wonderful conversations,

That must have been quite a while ago.

met some great polish people .

Do you remember her name ? ;)

. It was a great time, but I believe it has changed considerably now.

Yeah it has changed and become more hip and trendy.
And there are a lot more tourists, well that's easy cause there were so few before but it has a load more bars now, each one trying to out do or out weird the next.

I know people get sentimental about the way it was but the truth is there is still great nights to be had and conversations with some great people, be they Polish or other.

The only negative thing, is the price of beer, it used to be a cheap place to drink about 5 PLN a half litre now it is about 7?. Which is still less than 2 euro and less than 150 pounds, so not that much of a difference.

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