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Polish postage stamp - how much does a single international stamp cost?

5 Jun 2015 #1
While I'm in Poland I'll be sending a lot of post cards to friends around the world. Does anyone know how much a single international stamp costs? I don't want to be surprised by the cost at all, as I know a few years ago stamps in the UK rose in price, and are now a ridiculous price. Thank you
jon357 74 | 21,953
5 Jun 2015 #2
In Poland it's common to take your envelope into the post office and show it to the assistant who gives you the stamps. It's cheaper than in the UK though. As I remember, for an international letter within Europe (up to about a couple of ounces weight) it's a bit under a pound. Best to use 'priorytet' (first class post, they have the little blue stickers on or near the counter) which is only 3 or 4 pence dearer.
6 Jun 2015 #3
50g letters

5 zl ordinary mail to Europe

Priority priorytet seems to be 16 zl,zagraniczny_przesylka_listowa_polecona.html

- postage prices went up a lot last year -
jon357 74 | 21,953
6 Jun 2015 #4

That price you quoted is for registered letters. An normal priority letter - 2 ounces, 5.20zl (a bit under a pound).,zagraniczny_przesylka_listowa.html
6 Jun 2015 #5
If you can read it Jon you'll see the original post says INTERNATIONAL, so not much point in you quoting domestic price priority is there hmm
JollyRomek 7 | 475
6 Jun 2015 #6
If you can read it

It is a pity that you obviously did not open the link jon has posted. The clue is even in the link's address "zagraniczny" .......
6 Jun 2015 #7
Fair enough you win that one from the link I just checked but now got to find out why I'm getting charged a whole more than that for priority letters , I suppose they must just be over some limt, definitely way more than 5,20 a pop when I post DL envelope letters out to the UK and other patrs of the Eu on priority.....
jon357 74 | 21,953
6 Jun 2015 #8
Win? It isn't a contest!

Perhaps the charging thing is about envelope size?
8 Jun 2015 #9
Well yes sorry, am very competitive at times [blush]

Post office today, very small envelopes sent out with just 1 folded a4 invoice page per envelope - inland domestic rate was 4,20 zl each / szt for Pocztapolska delivery with a signature, non-priority. So IMHO 5,20 for international priority is a bit of a bargain in comparison it really is!

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