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Winter clothing for Poland (Gdansk)

ari_bits 2 | 12
30 Aug 2017 #1
Hello - Will be coming to Gdansk in Oct/Nov from US. Should I carry my winter clothing from US or is it economical to buy new after arriving in Gdansk?
Dirk diggler 10 | 5,121
30 Aug 2017 #2
Clothes are very cheap and tend to be very high quality esp compared to what's available in malls. Imported brands like Armani Nike guess etc are more pricey but there's tons of polish companies that make jsut as nice stuff at a fraction of the price. For example last time I went I picked up a bunch of button down dress shirts ranging from lime 70 to 120 zloty which is super cheap considering a similar higher end dress shirt costs 40 50 to 100 (or even up to several hundred for an Italian luxury brand like versace).

Anyway Poland is a great place to shop for clothes. Great prices and high quality
DominicB - | 2,709
30 Aug 2017 #3

It's definitely worth bringing (real) wool, (real) down, (real) fur and (real) leather, if you have it. it's probably not worth bringing cheap polyester stuff.
jon357 71 | 20,496
30 Aug 2017 #4
s it economical to buy new after arriving in Gdansk?

The shopping malls round Gdansk are pretty good. A lot of stores you'll recognise, plus some specific to Europe that you should definitely visit.

I wouldn't bother paying extra to bring heavy clothes in your baggage; clothes aren't expensive in Poland, and due to the weather they have a great selection of winter clothes.

higher end

Massimo Dutti is a good chain (part of the Inditex Group) for decent quality clothes - they're opening a small number of stores in the American market at the moment but have no plans to go countrywide there due to logistics and brand dilution. In Poland, every large city has one now. There's also Tatuum (from the Baltics, I think) which has shops in Polish malls. Some very good stuff. Peek & Cloppenberg have all the big brands, Armani, Hugo Boss, Versace, Barbour). Most malls have a Timberland shop now as well.

For cheaper shopping, some people like Reserved. There's also H&M, C&A and all the usual suspects.
Dirk diggler 10 | 5,121
30 Aug 2017 #5
Yea reserved and pull & bear I believe it's called has a few decent things and the prices are low. Some of their stuff is pretty tacky and cheaply made. But things boxers socks maybe a t shirt its good for. Sometimes you'll find a nice dress shirt or sweater there. I bought boxers a t shirt with a bunch of maluchy on it and a dress shirt and I paid like 30 40 bucks or so for everything.

Peek and cloggenberg (always forget the spelling) is a great store you can find many good luxury brands. Its more expensive than most average clothing stores in the mall but like for example an Armani shirt will be way cheaper there than at like the Armani outlet. They have a lot of good stuff but again it's pricier than id say most other department type stores or even lil shops in the mall.

If you want super cheap go to the targ (market). There's stalls that sell clothes too. Like 10 years ago I bought an Adidas tracksuit for running for like 60 zloty. Im guessing it was a knockoff but you can't tell the different on higher quality knock off clothes. Purses watches etc ya but not so much a shirt or hat.

Oh also there's north face outlets in some of the larger malls or galerie(galleries) as they're often called.

In general tho imports tend to be a bit pricier than in the us - i.e. Nike basketball shoes, wrangler jeans, apple products, etc.

I noticed also that Europe in general has more trendy clothes. Like the stuff in the malls now in eu seems like theyll become next years styles in the us. Of course there's exceptions with like Italian luxury brands but in general id say European clothes are more stylish and fashionable than us. A lot of the average stuff in American malls would be conducted an older style in Europe. Again not 100 % of the time but just something I noticed throughout my travels throughout Europe and living in the us
OP ari_bits 2 | 12
31 Aug 2017 #6
Thanks everyone for the nice inputs. Much appreciated. I'll probably have some more questions (around different stores) once I land there. Dziekuje!
Roger5 1 | 1,455
31 Aug 2017 #7
Gdansk in Oct/Nov

Winter boots are cheaper here. No point using up luggage space.
OP ari_bits 2 | 12
31 Aug 2017 #8
Thanks @Roger5. Yes, true. Given the baggage policy of airlines, I will buy all that stuff in Gdansk instead of giving the money to airline companies.
spiritus 69 | 666
31 Aug 2017 #9
he shopping malls round Gdansk are pretty good

Yes ! I'm amazed at the sheer number of large scale malls around Tri-City.

Designer clothes are not cheap in Poland (or even cheaper) so don't expect to pick up a bargain but as others have said there are some great brands that are not always readily available in your own country.

PS Massimo Dutti is a great brand :)
RubasznyRumcajs 5 | 491
31 Aug 2017 #10
I like Helikon's clothes. Nothing can beat decent fleece and thin, membrane jacket on top of it. Lighter, cheaper and better than wool/fur combo
Dirk diggler 10 | 5,121
31 Aug 2017 #11
Idk I like sheepskin w leather the most for jackets. Seems to be the best for keeping cold wind out. Esp if you're into bikes or live in a windy area.

Yea with the exception of peek n cloppenberg ull pay a premium for imported brands esp us ones.

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