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Two weeks in Poland - would like to get an idea of costs please.

renier8 3 | 30
30 Dec 2017 #1
Hello. I am in the early phases of my plan.
If all goes well - two weeks in Poland.

I would like to get an idea of costs please.

1. Travel to around five towns / cities
2. Three basic meals (preferably local cuisine).
3. Accommodation. Hopefully some Couchsurfing, but I would also like to try some B&B's or something along those lines. Avoiding hotels.

I think those will make up the bulk of the cost.
Just some ideas and broad budget suggestions please.

Thank you
30 Dec 2017 #2
1) If you are using public transport, Poland is very cheap.
Here are links for the trains, just type in destinations which will give you an idea of prices:-

Use this site for all forms of transport:-


2) You can eat very cheaply if you avoid eating on the main square ( Rynek ) and in other tourist traps. If you are on a real budget, look out for milk bars which offer local cuisine at a very cheap price:-

Much depends on where you eat, Poland can be as cheap or expensive as you make it. For example, you could pay as much for a piece of cake and a coffee as you could a meal. For about 20-25 PLN you could get a good meal, but this is just an average price. In a milk bar, average price would be about 3-4 PLN for soup, 7-8 for Pierogi, a local dumpling dish. Many of them offer a 3 course meal for about 15-18 PLN. IF you google milk bars for each city, you can find out where they all are.

3) Can't help you there I'm afraid. I've stayed with friends or in hotels when I've been to Poland.
OP renier8 3 | 30
31 Dec 2017 #3
Thank you very much. I am still working on my plan.
Jardinero 1 | 405
3 Jan 2018 #4
OP renier8 3 | 30
3 Jan 2018 #5
Thank you Jardinero - that is awesome help :-)

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