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Traveling to Poland with prescription drugs

sijazme 2 | 1
1 Mar 2018 #1
I am traveling to schengen area arriving in Latvia and then taking a flight to Poland. I have some meds on me which have been prescribed by a doctor in Dubai. These are serious medications and I use them for insulin control and some other medical issues I am dealing with. Am I likely to be asked for an actual doctor's note or prescription while traveling in europe if I carry these medications?
2 Mar 2018 #2
You always should do, regardless of your destination.
3 Mar 2018 #3
I think it would be a good idea to have a doctor's note or at least a copy of your prescription, especially if any of your medication falls under the controlled drugs category. You might not be stopped and asked, but having the paperwork is going to save a lot of hassle if you are.
jon357 72 | 21,387
5 Mar 2018 #4
It's unlikely that you'll have a problem, however to be safe, you should bring a photocopy of your prescription. If the drugs are restricted anywhere you'll be visiting, think about a letter from your doctor.

We have the same issue when we visit Dubai. We've never been asked, however my OH always carries a doctor's letter just in case.

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