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Is it safe to travel to Poland?

jon357 71 | 21,105
24 Sep 2015 #181
I doubt that too. It just doesn't happen. Ever.
1 Oct 2015 #182
Avoid Poland like a plague.

Terrible Visa services. See my letter below. Rowdyism and public drinking at Warsaw. A woman was ogled, fondled and harassed by drunk hooligans opposite grand mercure hotel.

Racism is felt often. I was at the receiving end of several waiters in bars and restaurants.
And finally there is nothing in Roland except Auschwitz.

Bad place

Dear Sir,

Your visa service is most atrocious and against all international norms of decency and courtesy. In four weeks you could not either issue or deny the visa. Visa is no gratitude and is not given as a largesse. A fee is paid for processing and a certain standard of service is expected. You cannot be smug and unresponsive.

You have not replied to my emails. you visa helpline is never attended. you have not even till date intimated me of my status despite my several requests and that too not for expediting and after waiting for 14 days as suggested by you.

Your deficiency of services are grave. I will approach your external affair ministry at Warsaw and shall also file a case in consumer court for shortfall in services and causing me financial loss and distress.

You may avoid legal action by paying me compensation for losses caused by you or face me in court. In case you are agreeable for settlement my lawyer can meet you on mutually suitable date and time.

Very disappointed by embassy of Poland
Dr. Anurag Mehta
DominicB - | 2,709
1 Oct 2015 #183
Terrible Visa services.

Your mistake is in thinking that you have a legal right to a visa, and that Poland has some kind of obligation to respect that right. In reality, Poland has no obligation whatsoever to issue you a visa, for whatever reason of the consul's choosing, with no explanation required in cases of refusal.

Since you have no legal rights, you have no basis to make a complaint or pursue legal action. The fact that you are unhappy with the treatment you received at the embassy is solely your problem. No one else cares, nor should they.

The rest of your rant sounds like sour grapes, and your letter is laughable.
Marsupial - | 886
1 Oct 2015 #184
Your visa was refused because they don't want you there. Or if it wasnt it will b after that email.
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4 Oct 2015 #185
You think anyone is going to fall for your pretentious indian b@#@t?
Some mumbles about your lawyer, at least they had a good laugh at the embassy...
You're out of your mind.
Go away, we don't want your here.
Roger5 1 | 1,455
4 Oct 2015 #186
anumehta, no doubt your e-mail is now pinned to the office wall, where everyone can have a good laugh at it. Sounds like you didn't like Roland anyway, so it's win-win.
16 Jul 2016 #187
To the lady who said she's been called a "murzynka" ^^ by a child.

It's not a derogatory term ^^ , just child's curiosity.

Have a nice day.
16 Jul 2016 #188
i can happily say poland is a pretty safe to travel........they will steal your money through deceit and not through violence.
27 Dec 2016 #189
Hey! Can someone help me.

So in the summer I would love to go to Poland but a lot of English or black Caribbean people suggest that I don't go because polish people are racist?.

I personally do t share the same view as I have a polish boyfriend and numberious of polish friends and aswell as this I also can speak polish.

I am half Black half Hebrew which yes means im a Jew.

Shall I go to Poland anyway abd ingnore racist people or am I just being completely blind because I like the people and the language ?

Please help

NoToForeigners 10 | 1,016
27 Dec 2016 #190
AGREED. Poland is traditional but it is Western country by all means. Its not Iran or UAE. We wont kill u for being of colour or wearing wrong clothes. Such things only in Muslim countries.

BTW. Its Polish. With the capital "P".
27 Dec 2016 #191
I'm from the caribbean and I'm looking to visit poland for a few weeks. As far as polish people being racist, I don't know dude, the Polish people I know are on the up
Marsupial - | 886
27 Dec 2016 #192
Just don't go anywhete too seedy same as for any other country.
peter_olsztyn 6 | 1,098
27 Dec 2016 #193
polish people are racist?.

Some are majority is normal.

Shall I go to Poland anyway abd ingnore racist people

You have no choice if you want to visit PL ;) Are you really going to walk alone? Big cities are safe. People used to foreigners and speak.English.
Jennifer12 - | 1
28 Dec 2016 #194
Yes it is safe to travel to Poland, Poland is a good country and it safe

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