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Poland in photo riddles - part 2

Chemikiem 6 | 2,113
17 Nov 2019 #153
New riddle.
I would like to know where this instituition is, what it was and is today, and who was the architect of the spire in one of the pictures. Simple!

Chemikiem 6 | 2,113
26 Nov 2019 #154
The photos are of the former Radogoszcz prison in Łódź. In WW2 it was a German Order Police and Gestapo prison. Today it is a museum commemorating its wartime victims. There is also a mausoleum there containing the remains of about 1500 prisoners who were burned alive on the night of 17-18 January 1945.

The Radogue Spire is 30 metres high and was designed by Tadeusz Herburt.
Joker 1 | 1,140
2 Dec 2019 #155
The riddle master is gone, so heres an easy one....

Joker 1 | 1,140
2 days ago #156
The riddle master is gone

I miss our photo riddle master, he was a hoot!
I became lost on the way back from Krakow and was dropped off near this train station???? At least they left some wodka in the bottle for me:)

Philip 666 - | 42
1 day ago #157
@Joker ... 2nd December post. Adam Mickiewicz monument, Krakow.
Ziemowit 12 | 3,606
1 day ago #158
This is a good picture of the monument intended for a riddle. It doesn't show Adam, so it is not easy to guess what monument it is. Chapeaux bas to Joker!

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