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Poland in photo riddles

Chemikiem 6 | 1,888
30 Aug 2019  #3,001
Why are they marching?

I don't think I'm right but my guess is that they are marching in opposition to the Government educational reforms set in 2016, which would have come into effect in September 2017.
OP pawian 159 | 9,428
8 Sep 2019  #3,002
Sorry, no. It was a fun march - Dragon Parade. I just couldn`t resist another pic from it. :)

Who`s that guy? For now, I won`t say in which city.

Chemikiem 6 | 1,888
9 Sep 2019  #3,003
Dragon Parade. I just couldn`t resist another pic from it. :)

Distinct lack of dragons!!!!!!!

Who`s that guy?

Piotr Skrzynecki in Kraków rynek.
OP pawian 159 | 9,428
9 Sep 2019  #3,004
Yes, Skrzynecki, the legendary boss of even more legendary Ram Basement cabaret in Krakow.

Well, talking about Krakow. How about a few more pics from it?

What is located here?

Chemikiem 6 | 1,888
10 Sep 2019  #3,005
I can't quite make out what those symbols/designs on that building are.......
OP pawian 159 | 9,428
10 Sep 2019  #3,006
These are artistic designs without any meaning.

As you probably never saw it, let alone visited it, I will make it easier for you.

The place is a :
1. theatre
2. museum
3. cinema.
4. art gallery.
Chemikiem 6 | 1,888
10 Sep 2019  #3,007
I'm going to guess at a cinema. I've been to Kraków a few times, and unless it's a really obscure art gallery or museum, you had no way of knowing if I might have visited it when you posted the photo. It doesn't look like a theatre, looks more like a cinema than anywhere else so it is indeed unlikely that I would have been there.

That's my process of elimination anyway!
OP pawian 159 | 9,428
10 Sep 2019  #3,008
Sorry, it is Bagatela Theatre, located on the corner of Krupnicza and Karmelicka street.
What is this facility?

Chemikiem 6 | 1,888
10 Sep 2019  #3,009
Sorry, it is Bagatela Theatre

You win some you lose some ;)

What is it?

Groteska Theatre.
OP pawian 159 | 9,428
10 Sep 2019  #3,010
Groteska Theatre.

Oops, look again at the photo.

Although I might agree with you, I suppose some people who frequent this place can say it is grotesque. :) But not a theatre!
Chemikiem 6 | 1,888
10 Sep 2019  #3,011
Your pic looks exactly like of dolls, masks and actors.

I don't understand this. Looking at photo onmy laptop it is Groteska theatre, but when I just looked on my mobile for better view, there is a totally different photo ..
OP pawian 159 | 9,428
10 Sep 2019  #3,012
You need to refresh the page. :):)
Chemikiem 6 | 1,888
10 Sep 2019  #3,013
I have, first thing I tried. The groteska theatre pic was taken 14/4/2017, and the photo I can see on my mobile has the date 8/5/2017. Never had this happen before.
OP pawian 159 | 9,428
10 Sep 2019  #3,014
This means your laptop has gone on strike - it had had enough of Polish riddles.
Chemikiem 6 | 1,888
10 Sep 2019  #3,015
Haha! But it's really strange. On laptop I see a corner of Groteska Theatre with all the long windows with designs in them and 70 Lat in writing. Below that there is a yellow and blue Lewiatan sign. On my mobile I see a pic of a building taken side on with a brick red and cream coloured side and a car in the bottom right hand corner. Wonder if anyone else can see the same?
OP pawian 159 | 9,428
10 Sep 2019  #3,016
I see only the second picture. But let`s say you guessed the Groteska theatre in advance, sort of. Congrats. :)
Philip 666 - | 27
11 Sep 2019  #3,017
the 08-05-2017 picture looks like one of those buildings you might enter, but never leave. or a prison.
OP pawian 159 | 9,428
11 Sep 2019  #3,018
Yes, exactly, the prison in Monteluppi Street. Do you see that watch tower? How about blinded windows?

What was this part of the known building used for in the past centuries, especially the Middle Ages and later on?

Chemikiem 6 | 1,888
2 days ago  #3,019
known building

Not quite sure what you mean by this. When you say 'known', do you mean it's part of the prison building?
OP pawian 159 | 9,428
2 days ago  #3,020
:):) No, I meant another famous building. Yes, I should have used a instead of the, but the building is so unique in Poland that I kept the.
Chemikiem 6 | 1,888
1 day ago  #3,021
so unique

So damn unique that I can't work out anything about it! Presume we are still in Kraków? I need a bit more help!
OP pawian 159 | 9,428
1 day ago  #3,022
Yes, we are still in Krakow series, I haven`t cancelled it. What is the most unique structure in Krakow?
Chemikiem 6 | 1,888
17 hrs ago  #3,023
When I first saw the picture I thought of Wawel, but couldn't find a picture of the castle showing that particular section, so thought I was wrong. Checked again and found it, and even more embarrassing, I have a photo of it too, although not at a great angle.

It is the Hen's Foot tower ( Kurza Stopka ) of Wawel Castle.
As for what it was used for, do you mean that a part of it serves as a treasury for art of historical significance? It was also used by Michał Sędziwój, an alchemist and doctor, as a science laboratory.

OP pawian 159 | 9,428
17 hrs ago  #3,024
Apart from the functions you mentioned, a part of the tower was also used as a facility to which kings have to walk. Namely what?

In the meantime:

Any idea what is located here?

Joker 1 | 1,022
5 hrs ago  #3,025
Where and what was this?

Chemikiem 6 | 1,888
5 hrs ago  #3,026
Namely what?

Hmm. I've searched in English and Polish, and found that in the upper part of the building there was a King's room. Also, a royal office, and the chambers of Queen Jadwiga and Barbara Radziwiłłówna. Also, latrines? Am I getting warmer?

Any idea what is located here?

This is slightly confusing with the name changes. That is a beautiful building on the corner of Kapuczyńska and Straszewskiego streets. It was called the Academy of Commerce building, but was renamed in 1957 as the School of Economics Complex?
OP pawian 159 | 9,428
4 hrs ago  #3,027
Joker, I don`t know your ruins, I have never seen them. They are too young to be a popular tourist attraction. :):)

Also, latrines? Am I getting warmer?

yes! A medieval toilet. The excrements fell down directly into the moat. :)

as the School of Economics Complex?

Yes, perfect! As a student, we visited it to look for girlfriends coz there were mostly female students. :)

Where was I?

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