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Information on the town Plonna in Poland

18 Jul 2006 #1
Does anyone know anything about Plonna, POland. That's a town my mother was born in near Sanok. She left in 1935 and I think the town was burned down in WW II. I am visiting Poland next summer and would like to visit her town, or what's left of it.

Do you have suggestions how a tourist can safely travel in the countryside? Are there people one can hire to drive them from Krakow to Plonna, for example, for a day?

18 Jul 2006 #2
Płonna has survived or at least there is still a village of that name in the region.
I've looked at the timetable of buses that stop there. The only locality known to me that you get to Plonna from is Komańcza. Komańcza has connections with most bigger towns in the region, i.e. Rzeszów, Sanok, Krosno. My suggestion for you would be to go to Warszawa or kraków, from there to Krosno or Sanok and then either try the bus (you will most likely have to change) or ask a taxi driver to drive you to Płonna.
OP gail
18 Jul 2006 #3
:) Thank you.
25 Oct 2006 #4

My mothers family is from Plonna. I visited that their in 1997, its still around... not much to see though. There are a few people living there but not the original inhabitants. Apparently the Polish ran out all the Ukrainians there, so all the habitants there are Polish established after the war. Their is one road through the town but its best to get in touch with people in the area.

Let me know if you need more info...

25 Oct 2006 #5
Some pics from Płonna
25 Jun 2007 #6
Hi Gail,
My father was born in Plonna. Also, this is for anyone travelling to Poland this summer, particularly the Bukowsko triangle area and anyone with interests in the village of Plonna.

On July 14th, 2007, at 2:00 pm., at the cemetery in the village of Plonna, there will be held an unveiling and commemoration and blessing of a plaque and cross in remembrance of former residents of this village.

In 2005 a group was established to clean up the cemetery in the village of Plonna. They also want to begin work on the bell tower by the church and establish

there a gallery of photographs with lists of corresponding names.

If anyone has information about the former residents, please email me for more information.
Also, here is a link with pictures from Andrzej Szkrawan, of the cemetery in Plonna. I had to remove the 3 w's in the link below in order for it to appear on this site. So just type them in at the beginning
Here is a link of some of the former residents of the village of Plonna. The picture of the school children in Plonna has a picture of my dad, which absolutely blew me away when I found it. Hopefully you may find some relatives of yours here.

First type in the 3 w's and then
If you click on the first photo it will enlarge it and then you can scroll through the gallery.
By the way, what is your mother's maiden name. Maybe we are related. :)
2 Jul 2007 #7
wiekszosc ukraoncow z Plonnej mieszka obecnie na Pomorzu
13 Sep 2007 #8
Interesting forum. I was there for the unveiling and blessing of the cemetary in 2007. It was interesting that Plonna was supposed to be removed from the map and dissapear.

Many Lemko origin sponsors help with the unveiling and the funds . It took one week to clear out the cemetary from all the trees and weeks, I was helping . Talking to one of the older gentlemen I came across an interesting fact . 2 years ago a tourist went inside the ruins of the Greek Orthodox Church , and fell into a 2 meter high basement/crypt. all was intact , there were 4 graves/crypts in the basement . After contacting neighbours up the road , it was filled in with soil. apparently the crypt were from the Austrian period , maybe first settlers of plonna , I was told.

There are more than 20 german soldiers buried on the west side of the ruins . The church was used as a hospital in 1943 .
8 Feb 2010 #9
I recently learned that my paternal grandfather may have come from Plonna. I was shown a photo of a monument that had his surname on it... Михальцьо or Michalcіo. I remember my grandfather, but he died around 1958-59 when I was only 11 years old. He was known as John or Ivan...(accent on the second syllable.) I recall that he had family in the Allentown, PA area tha we visted once when I was very young.

Unfortunately, our name was "anglicized" to Mitchell so there are tons of folks out there who are in no way related.

Can anyone help me with info about my grandfather?

John (That's a "one" after the "e" and not an "L.")
11 Mar 2012 #10
Hi father and his sisters were also born in Plone but they a few of the Jewish people living in that village-I'm interested in getting some information regarding his birth certificate-do you know where I should ask for it? any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you
S. Balbirer

Forgot to leave my email address here: sar651e24 at hotmail
My dad was born in 1922.

S. Balbirer
24 Apr 2012 #11
My father is from Plonna and went to school with the Jewish boys. There were three Jewish families in Plonna and he has written down his recollections of what happened to them. He hid one of the boys in his house.
Plonna, Poland
19 Dec 2013 #12
Our mother was born in Plonna around 1921/22 (documents unavailable) and after the second world war from Germany made her way to Canada and settled in a small northern mining town called Beardmore in Ontario. My mother's uncle was a Mitchell and came to visit us with his son in the late 50s or early 60s. This was a big deal for my sister and I to know that we had relations in the United States. My sister recalls that the son worked in an aluminum factory and he gave us some cups. My mother's uncle apparently worked in a coal mine. This is Ann Edwards living in Vancouver, BC Canada Husbands' email address is
25 Oct 2015 #13
Merged: Plonna

Ann Edwards, what was your mother's maiden name?

For Those Who Have An Interest in Plonna/Polonna
Here is a new Facebook site called Plonna/Polonna for those of you who may have ancestors from there or any other interests. My father was born there. It is a place where we can share family history, pictures articles and stories.

All are invited to join this public group! Thank you Julie Fenczak
The link for the site is
Hope to see you there!
Plonna search
2 May 2017 #14

Ukranians in Plonna, Poland

I'm trying to trace family that came to Canada (Quebec) from Plonna in the 1930s. Were Ukranians long term residents in that area of Poland or is it possible that only one generation of our family lived there? All we know is that they lived there when their children were born in the mid to late 1920s.

The family names that we are searching for are Opryszko and Michajlo. Are there any web sites that list burials in the Plonna region? The religion of the family is likely Catholic.

Thank you
2 May 2017 #15
Were Ukranians long term residents in that area of Poland

In that area, Podkarpackie, there were many and are still quite a few. Before the forced deportations of 1946/7 Plonna was majority Lemko.
17 Jun 2022 #16
@Plonna search are you sure it wasn't Mykhayliv?

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