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Finding molly or coke in Poland
15 Jun 2017 #1
Hi :)
I am a tourist, travelling in Krakow and Warsaw. I love European clubbing and would love to find molly or coke here. I know the law is strict, but are there any areas where I can find some cociane dealers, MDMA, EX, or some weed?

Thanks ;)
terri 1 | 1,665
15 Jun 2017 #2
You do understand that of the Police find any stuff on you, you will be thrown in jail for 10 years (without a trial) and forgotten about.

You will find that clubs for young people are the same everywhere.
Bobko 9 | 183
15 Jun 2017 #3
Whenever in a new place - cab drivers, bouncers, and hotel concierge's are your best friends. However, this requires being able to read body language and eyes well, and having not a little amount of charm.

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