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Driving UK - Poland (breaks)

stevekimbrey 2 | 2
6 Jun 2016 #1
Hi guys,

Apologies in advance as I know there are quite a few threads on this topic (I've been reading them) and I have most of the info I need for driving through Europe and into Poland. We're driving from Hertfordshire area to Kostrzyn (we're going to Woodstock) and then driving back from near Wrocław to the UK a few days later after visiting my girlfriend's family for a bit.

I'm hoping to do the outward journey in one trip, I know it's a bit ambitious but we have time to stop off and stay the night if we need to.

The journey back looks like it's going to have to include a stop off for the night cos it's a fair old distance.

I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for places to stay or a good site I can look at to find one.
I reckon we'll probably be looking at stopping somewhere in the west of Germany, probably near Essen or something.

Any other suggestions and tips are welcome of course (except to fly =p)

Thanks =]
Jardinero 1 | 405
6 Jun 2016 #2
If you drove on a weekend, you could do it in one day.
When in Europe, drive like the disciplined Germans, i.e. do not block the fast lane and move to the outer lanes as soon as you can - you'll need to change lanes frequently.

Some of the services along the way are shabby/crowded on weekends - might be worth having your own food.
Have spare change for toilets (paid) at most station.
Fuel is cheaper if you plan your trip and buy it off the autobahn near the junction.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,455
6 Jun 2016 #3
Some of the services along the way are shabby/crowded on weekends - might be worth having your own food.

It's a common theme in Germany - I haven't stopped at one service area that didn't scream "food poisoning". Most of the Polish truckstops are far better!

Best one I've ever been to was a large Marche close to Vienna Airport on the S1. A large, beautiful restaurant that wasn't terribly expensive with a huge selection of fresh products - it was the perfect place to stop and eat breakfast. Never seen anything like it elsewhere...

I would try and get closer to Hanover if you can - driving through NRW is annoying because it's so packed, and you won't want to start your journey having to deal with the traffic around Essen/Dortmund in the morning. it'll be much easier to get through at night, and you'll be fresh to deal with the mess that is the A2 between Berlin and Hanover. Hanover to Kostrzyn is an easy drive the next day, though a useful piece of advice is to cross the border at Świecko and head up to Kostrzyn that way rather than going through Seelow.

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