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Cheap car rental (pick up Poland drop off Belgium)

11 Oct 2015 #1
Hello , I intend to finish my studies soon here in poland , but I have lots of stuff that i want to move with me to my next destination (belgium) , Tv , speakers , all my clothes , and lots of kitchen equipment which i can't take with me in a check in luggage if i took the plane , so my plan was to rent a car and move my stuff myself.

But when i checked online with companies like europcar and sixt etc... it's either not possible to pick up and drop off a car in a different country or it is really expensive (2 days for 5000 zloty !!!) , though i get cheaper rates when i use travel websites like kayak (which gave me a rate of 250 dollars for 2 days) , but when i use the official webpage of the rental companies , i get the expensive rates mentioned above.
12 Oct 2015 #2
Use a parcel company that will ship them fairly cheap. My wife uses to ship things from Poland to the uk when we go to visit her family. Looks like on their site they may also do Belgium. Give it a go

...though we only ship clothes. I'm not sure how safe a TV would be...

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