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p3undone 8 | 1,135
19 Jan 2013 #31
fstop,lol,that was a good answer.Though I am not an atheist.
berni23 7 | 379
19 Jan 2013 #32
I'm disliking militant atheists more and more and I love it.

Understandable for fanatics, but Atheists have never started a crusade like every religion.
Not that i would count myself as an atheist, i simply try to avoid wasting time on nonsense.
ufo973 10 | 89
19 Jan 2013 #33
Oh no i have just read that the biggest mosque in Northern Europe is on the baltic is in the city of Gdansk.THERE ARRIVED my Polish friends!!!!!!!! How did u let that happen?

What is wrong with that mosque? Islam is the fastest growing religion in the earth with billions of followers, can't they have a place for worship?

Don't be misguided of those hatred videos on youtube against muslims. there are billions of muslims but because of a few bad guys all of them get blamed.

~~~My advice for you~~~
Try to get a life, find some friends and try to start enjoying your life, stop feeling looner and waisting your precious time in front of computer watching hatred videos.

You will love your life and every human in our beautiful planet.
f stop 25 | 2,513
19 Jan 2013 #34
Try to get a life, find some friends and try to start enjoying your life

I only wanted to point out here that when a person assumes that anyone with the internet access has no life, friends or is not enjoying life, then that person most probably is speaking from a personal experience.
David_18 68 | 982
19 Jan 2013 #35
Poland is proud of its islamic heritage. We will never forget what the Lipka tatars did for us, god bless them.

According to some estimates, by 1591 there were about 200,000 Lipka Tatars living in the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth and about 400 mosques serving them.

In November 2010, a monument to Poland's Tatar populace was unveiled in the port city of GdaƄsk at a ceremony attended by President Bronislaw Komorowski, as well as Tatar representatives from across Poland and abroad. The monument is a symbol of the important role of Tatars in Polish history.

"Tatars shed their blood in all national independence uprisings. Their blood seeped into the foundations of the reborn Polish Republic," President Komorowski said at the unveiling.

The monument is the first of its kind to be erected in Europe.

ilyeshallo - | 9
1 Feb 2013 #36
Does anyone know if there are a lot of Muslims people in Poland or just some??
jon357 63 | 15,120
1 Feb 2013 #37
A very longstanding population round Kruszniany on the eastern border, a significant community in Gdansk, where the Grand Imam is based and a growing migrant population in Warsaw and other big cities.
Peakus - | 25
1 Feb 2013 #38
That is tragic. I am so dissapointed, I didn't know about this in poland. Hmmm.
Peakus - | 25
1 Feb 2013 #40
I dont want to say jon I think this is one of those things best left alone.
misaq - | 1
28 Dec 2016 #41
Below are just few churches in Pakistan. There are more churches alone in Pakistan than the total number of mosques in non-Muslim European countries. Pakistan which is considered an intolerant Muslim country as per media information. As Muslim I am proud of having churches or Hindu temples in Pakistan or any place of worship. Religious freedom is one of the important principle of Islam. Banning minorities from practicing their religion and not letting them build worship place is not progressive rather a step back into dark ages.
Ironside 49 | 10,452
28 Dec 2016 #42
Banning minorities from practicing their religion

That is not about minorities but about quite recent immigrants. Poland doesn't need immigrates from the Muslim world. Nether need those new mosques - no more!

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