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Beware GTI Travel in Poland

skibum 8 | 62
19 Aug 2010 #1
They have a little scam they pull to get last minute holiday bookings.

They alter the rating of a hotel from 3 to 5 stars on the screens seen by travel agents. When they've got a few bookings they change it back again.

The agent contacts the client and says they can cancel, but by then it's usually too late to rebook somewhere else.

GTI then refuse to recompense the client claiming that they should have looked at their brochure or website for the correct details instead of relying on the Travel agents information.

Beware GTI Travel
Looker - | 1,102
3 Jan 2015 #2
This company has closed.

This year's first major tour operator bankruptcy is already behind us. GTI Travel Poland, as well as Sky Club, collapsed in the time, in which for most Poles seem so inappropriate, that can only be explained as "scam". Sad farewell message combined with how-to instructions for affected customers has replaced on the GTI Poland website color photos and travel offers. And only on the company facebook profile we can still watch stopped like insects in amber recent activity manifestations of employees. It is hard to believe that even on June 3, two days before the bankruptcy, they were so optimistic, not-heralding disaster. Mystification, hoax or just ignorance the staff? Customers have no doubt, and in posted comments still appears also wishes for employees. We wish all the worst.

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