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Places for Vodka tasting in Poznan?

konohamaru 1 | 1
6 Sep 2011 #1
Hi guys,

I need to entertain some clients in poznan and wondered if you knew of any places where you can get a little cultural experience tasting vodka in poznan. Any thoughts, please let me know,

Thanks in advance,

EchoTheCat - | 137
6 Sep 2011 #2
It depends how much money do you have.
I am sure that places like Aleksander Restaurant od Ba┼╝anciarnia (I mean quite expensive) can arrange something for you but you have to call and ask. Try Ba┼╝anciarnia first, they serve very nice traditional Polish food and Aleksander is more multi-kulti ;) (don't be scared - this site is hopeless) (here you can taste your vodka in the darkness...)
OP konohamaru 1 | 1
6 Sep 2011 #3
Thank you very much for the help. Trying to get people to experience the Polish culture a little - will deffo try Bazanciarnia. Thanks again!

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