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Have any Polish people been to Rajasthan,India?

depp007 1 | -
22 Mar 2014 #1
A big "Hi" to all my polska friends.after reading some of threads on PF i have now developed a great sense of attraction towards this lovely country.I wonder if any of polish people here have visited India..specially Rajasthan. i wanna know their experience about the trip,Did you guys enjoyed it?? and please let me.know if anyone here is planning a trip to india.i wanna meet with you..i guess it'd be fun meeting a person of whom you are totally unaware of..
stinkybugger - | 56
11 Apr 2014 #2
Not polish, but I have visited Rajasthan.
India is an amazing place. Rajasthan is great, but hopefully you will have time to travel all over the country.
Have fun!
johnb121 4 | 184
11 Apr 2014 #3
Hey - worked in Coimbatore (Kovai) and toured Rajasthan on holiday

Home / Travel / Have any Polish people been to Rajasthan,India?
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