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New Years Eve in Warsaw (city sightseeing, restaurants)

Praefervidus 1 | -
11 Dec 2012 #1

I am travelling to Warsaw for the first time between 26.12.2012 and 02.01.2013 to spend NY Eve.

Since I am collecting information on what to do and where to go, I would appreciate, if you write me clubs, restaurants and bars to go.

I like clubs and bars with good music and handsome people.

I like typical country restaurants in which I can taste typical polish food.

It would be also very nice, if you like to meet with me and we go together around the city. All I can offer is very good mood, great humor and a peace of cake.

Thanks in advance for your answers,
GGram - | 3
18 Dec 2012 #2
Merged: Sylwester (New Year's Eve) Warsaw, Poland 2012/13

Hi - Does anyone know the best place to be for NYE in central Warsaw for the following (1 Expat, 2 Tourist Friends from London, UK - all young-minded 45 year olds) -

1 - Nice traditional bar in the old town for a drink about 8pm, then

2 - To a traditional restaurant with entertainment from 9pm, then

3 - To see the fireworks (if any) at midnight.

We don't mind spending a bit, but not five-star hotel prices.

I've been google-ing for ages in English and Polish but nothing stands out.

Many thanks in advance.
18 Dec 2012 #3
n English and Polish but nothing stands out.

For meeting expats for a few drinks try this place:

For Sylwester try this company

If you want to go up market a little go to the Regina

Book well in advance it is very busy on the31st
GGram - | 3
18 Dec 2012 #4
Thanks for the info. I did pop into the Regina but it seemed as if it would be for older folk. Do you think Bistro in Rynek Starego Miasto is any good? They have a Charlie Chaplin pantomine with dinner (don't ask). We wanted to go to U Fukiera but it is closed on NYE. Also where are the main fireworks in Warsaw at midnight?
18 Dec 2012 #5
Normally these type of things expect you to turn up in ' dress ' of the era.

what about at the europeski hotel they normally have functions
Gaja - | 1
21 Dec 2012 #6
Is in program any open-air event in Warsaw on the night of the 31st of December? I red in internet that in the last years there were some live concerts like that of Roxette!!
Zibi - | 336
21 Dec 2012 #7
Yes. On plac Konstytucji. The fireworks will probably be there as well.
21 Dec 2012 #8
Not the stare miasto - what about ?
berni23 7 | 379
22 Dec 2012 #9
I red in internet that in the last years there were some live concerts like that of Roxette!!

Not that im a fan of Roxette, but are there gonna be international stars performing this year?
jon357 63 | 15,216
23 Dec 2012 #10
As usual I'll be going somewhere in a group - venue to be decided. As usual, the bar owners are saying that they're nearly sold out and we should book now, wonderful buffet, dancing, whatever but in the past those places have usually been disappointing. The best places to go in Warsaw tend to be the ones that don't make too much fuss.

And of course the concert in plac Konstytucji is usually good.
Griftefrid - | 1
29 Dec 2012 #11
Hi there!
I am joining the feast in Warzaw, going from Sweden tomorrow. Have you found any cool places?
GGram - | 3
8 Jan 2013 #12
So we decided on Bistro in the Old Town Square for New Year's Eve. Mainly because of the bizarre entertainment promised - the Charlie Chaplin Pantomine (don't ask) and the great menu on offer. My two close friends flew from London to be here in Warsaw with me.

Well ... Don't bother next year. The confirmed reservation (by phone and email) was lost, we were stuck in the 'VIP corner' where the front door normally is and could not see the pianist, the food was low quality (mainly cold food - in winter?) etc. When the entertainment didn't materialise I asked what happened and they said 'haven't you heard Charlie Chaplin was taken to hospital'. You couldn't make it up.

When I asked how we would be refunded in part they couldn't fathom out why I was asking (even though it was included in the ticket). The only good part was the absolutely charming and caring Polish girl serving us - she is a star and a credit to the restaurant. But the 300 PLN for the event was a waste of money.
pawian 170 | 11,576
9 Jan 2013 #13
the food was low quality (mainly cold food - in winter?) etc



£osoś w sosie cytrusowym / Salmon in lemon sauce
Polędwiczki z leśnymi grzybami / Pork loin with forest mushroom
Confit z kaczki z pieczonymi jabłkami / Duck confit with baked apples
Kurcze pieczone w plastrach w sosie kaparowym / Baked chicken with capar sauce

Pieczone ziemniaki z nutą truflową / Baked potatoes with trufle oil
Karmelizowane marchewki z szalotką / Caramelized carrots with shallots
Prażona kasza gryczana z duszoną cebulką / Roasted barley with braised onions

Pikantna zupa myśliwska z wołowiną / Spicy hunters beef soup
Zibi - | 336
9 Jan 2013 #14

Perhaps they did not know how it works in PL. Hot dishes are served well after midnight :)
pawian 170 | 11,576
9 Jan 2013 #15
:):):):) You mean they went to sleeeeeep tooooo eaaarly? :):):):)
9 Jan 2013 #16
Perhaps they did not know how it works in PL

Perhaps you have no idea how in works nowadays in PL

Hot dishes are served well after midnight :)

Don't talk b+llox, GGram has every right to complain - he expects service which unfortunately does not exist in many establishments in Warszawa.
pp4poland - | 1
26 Dec 2013 #17
Merged: New Year in Warsaw!

So a lot of changes in life (long story) prompted me to revisit Warsaw this New Year! Love the place, the people, the culture, but essentially the warmth of the people, and would like to know where to head to for a spectacular night for New Year's Eve/Day! I've read that most places are ticket-only entrance so it's important for a fan and tourist to book the best place, man! What advice can you give?
29 Dec 2014 #18
Merged: Suggestions for New Years Eve in Warsaw

Hi Guys,

Can you please suggest some nice parties for the new years eve? We wouldn't want to spend a lot of money.

Thanks in advance!
29 Dec 2014 #19
How much is 'a lot'?
29 Dec 2014 #20
Well depends. What is usually the pric for new years parties here? We were thinking something around 150-200 PLN
29 Dec 2014 #21
A lot of places will charge you close to that much per person just to get in!

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