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Lublin to Warsaw by bus question

27 May 2015 #1
Anybody here live in Lublin? I'm going to the Lublin (Arena) Festival on 21 June which i believe finishes at 11pm and i need to get back to Warsaw in order to work the following morning. Strangley this event is on a Sunday and after exhaustively searching the net it seems that the first bus leaving Lublin back to Warsaw is at 01:50 and then there's a small cluster of minibuses leaving between 2-2:30. Is anyone aware of any company driving between midnight and 01:50? perhaps a small firm without a web presence. Any help appreciated
kpc21 1 | 763
27 May 2015 #2
As far as I can see, this bus at 1:50 comes from Kołomyja in Ukraine, so it may be considerably delayed depending on the queue at the border crossing and the humour of the custom officers.

But if it comes on time, I recommend it rather than these mini-buses, whose drivers usually break any possible traffic regulations.
OP poundland
28 May 2015 #3
Additionally, if i have to kill time on a Sunday evening between 11pm and 2/2.30am..can anyone recommend a pub or bar that'll be open then? Thx
28 May 2015 #4
Install Blabla Car application on your smartphone and find a ride there.

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