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Lodz to Poznan (trains?)

8 Jun 2012 #1

I arrive in lodz on 18th June at 12:45. I'm hoping to get to Poznan for the Ireland Vs Italy game at 20:45

Can anyone tell me if this is possible and how can I get there on time?

I've looked online, both busses and trains go too late in the evening to make the match.

delphiandomine 86 | 17920
8 Jun 2012 #2
Can anyone tell me if this is possible and how can I get there on time?

Yes, it's possible.

Train :

Lodz Kaliska to Kutno, Regio train, Depart 14:22 arrive 15:49
Kutno to Poznan, EC train, depart 16:05 arrive 17:28

Total ticket price - 103.50zl.
OP iano
8 Jun 2012 #3
Thats brilliant, do you think i could wait until I get there to pay on the day or should I book online in advance?

I tried to book tickets on the e-IC website but it wont allow me register my details.

Thanks for your help
dany_moussalli 13 | 259
17 Aug 2013 #4
Merged: poznan to lodz train

I would like to know the location of both train stations in poznan and lodz ,and the itinerary of the train .
kpc21 1 | 753
17 Aug 2013 #5

They are main stations - depending on the route (through Kalisz or through Kutno) and category of the train, they stop also on smaller stations in both cities, for example £ódź Żabieniec. Everything you can find on the website: (has English version).

You can also find connections with changing trains in Kutno or £owicz - often they are faster than direct trains through Kalisz.

If you will be going by a TLK train, I recommend to buy your ticket more than 14 days before the journey, if you can - then you get a 15% discount. Buying ticket less than 14 days, but more than 7 days before - you get 7% discount.
HelenaWojtczak 28 | 177
1 Oct 2013 #7

I've spent ages on the PKP website trying to find out where trains go to from Lodz.

I shall be staying there for a week and would like to (a) take some days out by train to interesting or picturesque places, or through nice scenery, and (b) go home via a different route than we arrived (we shall arrive by air).

Where can I find a timetable that shows me all the stations on a route, or a list of towns served by train from Lodz, please?

Ha. I finally worked it out! You have to choose "map" then tick all the boxes down the side THEN click on the town and choose "departures". It's not perfect but its a start!

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