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Live Music in Krakow or Warsaw

Jay24 12 | 64
27 May 2009 #1
Hi, I’ve recently just moved to Poland to be with my girlfriend. With my job, I am dividing my time between working in Krakow and Warsaw. I’ve only been here a month and love both cities. The only thing I miss is going to music gigs in the UK. Given I spend time in 2 cities, I’m keen to find out about gigs, concerts, festivals in either Krakow or Warsaw. I know Empik stores display details of a number of concerts but these tend to be fairly main stream from what I can gather. I’m into allsorts really but mostly Indie, Rock, Soul. Anyone know of any good source information for finding about who’s playing and where?
magdalenaG 2 | 67
27 May 2009 #2
Morrissey is playing in Warsaw on July 7th for the first time !!

27 May 2009 #3
Morrissey is playing in Warsaw on July 7th

Wow......wish i could be there. Hope he is better now as well.

Aki Rio - | 4
17 Jun 2009 #4
The Emergency Band will be playing at Klub Rio on Friday June 26th.

Ex-Smokie member at RIO in Warsaw

Simon Van Downham has played in many famous bands during his successful career. Thanks to his incredible guitar playing talent and vocal capabilities, he played with musicians such as Alan Silsona and Pete Spensera from the band SMOKIE as well as with WINGS. He was vocalist for the UK Legends which comprised of musicians from the bands Smokie and Animals.

Everyone is invited to attend this great concert.

Where: Klub Rio (Warsaw, ul. Panska 97)

When: Sunday August 16th

Time: 20:00 pm

Door: 15 zl.

Info: or 501-870-158
Narcis - | 1
1 Sep 2009 #5
All depends which kind of music do you like but I was having I think similar problem when I arrived in Poland and I used to check in these links:

For both cities:

For Warsaw:

you can look directly in web sites of Palladium, Palac Kultury...

For Kraków:

check as well Klub Studio!
steely dan
26 Jan 2010 #6
hi, to whom it may conern,
i am an irish SOLO folk/rock musician,40 plus years of age, i play semi accustic guitar and sing, i am hopeing to do a tour of live music pubs in poland and other eastern countries if possible;

i have recently released a cd of 10 original sons, and am hoping to promote it thropugh concerts and gigs this summer;
i am woundering if anyone out there is interested in hiring an experienced musician, i have been playing now for a number of years, so i am very experienced, i am self sufficient, and have my own equipment and PA system,

if you would like a sample of my music you can hear some of the tracks on the american cd site cd is called...Dangerous bends Ahead...and the band is called ...The Road......

i hope to hear from someone out there;
thank for reading this,

Olaf 6 | 955
24 Feb 2010 #7
When in In Kraków check Harris Piano Jazz Bar, they have live music everyday, pick a day and check on their website who's playing and what.

Also Coltrane Restaurant have very nice atmosphere, little soul or rather jazz music there.

LwowskaKrakow 28 | 431
26 Feb 2010 #8
I’m keen to find out about gigs, concerts, festivals in either Krakow

Try U Muniaka on Florianska ,they always have excellent Jazz bands .
Polish Jazz is great, good atmosphere and drinks.
kazalina 7 | 12
1 Aug 2010 #9
[Moved from]: Reggae / hip hop / ''world'' music in Krakow


I will be in Krakow for a while was wondering what the reggae / hip hop / ''world'' music scene was like, are there any good clubs / bars for this type of music...any suggestions would be great.

thank you
dtaylor5632 18 | 1,999
1 Aug 2010 #10
Awaria is a good place to watch bands ;)
kazalina 7 | 12
1 Aug 2010 #11
Awaria is a great place....and i survived all the cherry wodka!!!

Any other suggestions????? :)
paulinska 9 | 86
3 Aug 2010 #12
There's a place off the rynek on pasaz hetmanski..i think. they play reggae music on Fridays, i don't seem to remember the name. Quite good!
normalnyfacet - | 31
9 Mar 2013 #13
Merged: Krakow Music Scene - Share your link

I recently moved to Krakow. I love going to concerts and small gigs. If anyone has any links to "listings" websites, facebook groups and the like please share them here.
smurf 39 | 1,952
9 Mar 2013 #14
Last FM gig's page
normalnyfacet - | 31
14 Mar 2013 #15
Thanks Smurf, I already had that one...
I've managed to search out quite a few websites and facebook groups
Las Krakow is particularly good

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