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Katowice airport near by Polish towns villages

basourcing 1 | 9
17 Jan 2012 #1

I'm looking at a village to spend a day in by katowie airport. doesn't have to be nice or impressive as long as it has one pub. Preferably on a bus or train route from krakow thanks.
gumishu 15 | 6,186
18 Jan 2012 #2
forget about the train route - far away from Pyrzowice - the main Katowice-Kraków road runs nearby a bit nearer - but to sink into one of the villages on the road won't be that simple (unless there are some direct busses from Pyrzowice that go to Kraków that could perhaps drop you in places like Sławków or Olkusz) - but what is actually the point of spending a day in such a place? - you have to ask about the busses or mini-busses to Kraków at the airport (or rather at its parking) - if there are no in reasonable waiting time look for buses to Dąbrowa Górnicza city centre (I am not familiar with the place but maybe there are city busses going to Dąbrowa if not consider taking a taxi though it's gonna be a lot more expensive) - when in Dąbrowa you have to look for the main bus station and catch a bus for Olkusz from there (there is less and less of public transport in Poland but this is a main route so maybe waiting is not gonna be long) - Sławków is a smallish place some 10 km outside Dąbrowa Górnicza on the way to Olkusz (and further Kraków) Olkusz is a proper town (both should have some place to sleep though - though) - but again what is the point of spending a day in Słaków's or Olkusz's pub? when you are clearly going to Kraków
peterweg 37 | 2,309
18 Jan 2012 #3
There are reasonable cheap buses to Krakow.
OP basourcing 1 | 9
18 Jan 2012 #4
I'll be coming from krakow. I want to get in a local cheap pub by the airport as im going to be over about 3 times a month on business. If i can relax near the airport and then jump a cheap taxi to the airport it will suit me better. How far is Pyrzowice the town from the airport?
RoughFlavors 1 | 100
18 Jan 2012 #5
ask the cab driver about any fine local establishments...

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