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Inexpensive method to travel to Prague from Rzeszów?

12 Sep 2013 #1
Hi :)

I'll be coming to Poland towards the end of October for 6 weeks. I was hoping to visit Prague during the weekend. Can anyone tell me the best and the most inexpensive method of travel? Also, how much will it cost?

kpc21 1 | 763
13 Sep 2013 #2
From Wrocław you have a bus of They are cheap and quite comfortable.

To Wrocław from Rzeszów you will for the best get by bus (check at cause there are no direct trains.

Alternatively by train with changing a vehicle in Katowice or Kraków (check at, but then you should buy tickets with reduced price in advance: due to the fact that normal international tickets are very expensive.

More complicated and rather hard for not speaking Polish person, but even more cheaper way (only for "green" trains in web timetable, not for "blue" ones) is to buy in Poland a ticket to the national border (the ladies selling tickets often refuse to sell a ticket not to a station, but to a border point) and the next ticket to Prague from a Czech conductor.
Monitor 14 | 1,820
13 Sep 2013 #3
From Rzeszów to Wrocław you can sometimes buy cheap tickets here: Or with PolskiBus Rzeszów - Warszawa and Warszawa - Praga. But it's cheap only early booked.

New bus company going from Rzeszów to Wrocław for 1 zł:

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